Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weeked Wrap -Up

Sitting here this evening, I'm sort of wondering where the weekend went.

Friday, I was exhausted  when I got home from VBS so I sat for a few hours and did absolutely NOTHING.
And it was glorious.

Glorious, I tell you!!!

I might even have told my kids not to ask me for anything because I wasn't getting up.

We have had company this weekend, too.

Ken's dad and his wife {aka - Granddaddy and Nana LeeAnne} arrived in the middle of my hours of doing nothing on Friday.

I didn't even get up.

I'm nothing if not the most perfect hostess.  {AHEM!!}

Anyways, I finally rolled myself off the couch long enough to go to supper with the family and Spidey.
Please take the time to notice the orange flip flops that Spidey chose to complete the look.  

We went to eat at Nick and Nate's -- a local pizza place and then went on over to to Jack The Dipper for a treat.  I had Cappuccino Crunch ice cream. It. was. delish!!!   We returned home and I went straight to bed.  

Saturday was a super busy day as I was running shuttle and trading out people for the motor car run that hubs and his dad were doing.  My Mom and Step dad also have a motor car so, Allie and Lillie got to go ride with them yesterday.    I drove them over yesterday morning to meet their dad and granddaddies at a river about 45 minutes away so they could ride the rest of the way into this area.  

When I returned Nana had a thought that we should go get our toes done.  

And so those of us who were left at home did just that. 

These are Miss Maggie's toes.  She really enjoyed getting a pedicure and loves the flower on her toes.
EVEN Brady had to get his toes done. Bless his heart. He lives with too many girls.
But, since he is 3,  and since the girl was nice and didn't charge me much for him, I indulged him.....

with orange toenails.

One day, I have a feeling he's gonna regret wanting his toenails painted...... And while I'm thinking about it, can I just tell y'all that getting pedicure with a three year old boy around isn't relaxing.  After hearing Mama, mom, mama, maaaamaaaa.......for about the 100th time I just gave up on the relaxing part of it all......

AND, I had really wanted this awesome pedi that I found on Pinterest.

But the lady at the shop said that she couldn't do it.  That they big toe wouldn't look right.
SO, I ended up with this.
I was so happy that they attempted to put a heart on my toes for me.
I love getting a pedicure.  Thanks so much for the treat, Nana LeeAnne!!!

Then it was back home to run shuttle some more and drop off the kiddo's for supper with their grandparents while hubs and I attended a friend's 30th birthday party.  His wife had made these incredible cakes that looked like Rock Band the game. It was  guitar and four drums.  I so wish I had taken a picture. They were so cool!!!

We came home after the party and I hit the hay because I was still feeling exhausted from the vbs all week.
Today was church and to lunch with my Dad for some of us.  Ken and Maggie left immediately after church for their turns on the motor car.  My dad is here for his Annual Conference and so he arrived just in time to go to church with us and then the other three kids and I went to have lunch with him.

I did some sorting and packing this afternoon after Dad headed to his meeting.  so much more to do......
 And then, it was time for supper with and back here to get everyone ready for bed and the busy week ahead.

I am currently sitting in my bed enjoying the silence. Because it has been one FULL, and not too quiet weekend.

 Matter of fact, this weekend has left me {and all the rest} feeling much like this....

So, I'm thinking of heading on to bed shortly as tomorrow holds another busy day.
My friend, Kellie and her two great {grown} kids are coming to help me pack for a while tomorrow afternoon and I have got to go and find some more boxes in the morning before they arrive.

OH! And I have to go pick up my dry cleaning that I took to be cleaned over two weeks ago now.  I do that way too often -- forget that I took something to the cleaners and then remember weeks later.  Do any of  y'all do that?  I bet they they I am not coming back for my stuff.....but I am.  Tomorrow. First thing.

And then I am going to find some boxes.
Because I've got much more sorting and packing to do.

How was your weekend?!?!

in HIM-

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mimisworkshop said...

You made me tired just reading your post. I think about you, Ken and the kiddos often. Ken made my transition back into the workforce so easy many moons ago. Prayers for your family during this busy, changing time.