Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Instagram Week

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life rearranged

I'm just a day late.  

The weekend and part of the week was super full of family.  
On Sunday evening, we went to supper with Granddaddy and Nana LeeAnne.
It was a super busy weekend.
We were all feeling a bit nutty by Sunday evening......

On Monday, three of my favorite people in the world came to help me pack.  
I am so blessed to have these wonderful people in my life 
not to mention that they were willing to take a few hours out of a Monday afternoon to come help me pack.
Kellie, Joshua and Hannah -- thanks again!
I love you all!!!

My dad was also in town for part of this week for Holston Conference's Annual Conference.
He was the delegate from my little home church in Georgia.
I love this picture of him with my two littlest.
So sweet!

We took a trip to the city pool for Family Swim Night on Wednesday.
I love these nights. 
I get to sit and read and watch the fun!
 Brady and Daddy.....

Thursday, I packed.
And then we went out to dinner.
A sweet lady from church had offered to take the kids to a movie.
So, after supper. They went to the movies.
And I sent hubby to join them.
And I enjoyed an hour and a half of complete aloneness with no one needing anything from me.
This was a shot of downtown on the way to pick them up from the movies.

My nightcap......
Green Tea......
It's supposed to aid with weight -- it's so good!
Haven't seen that to be so true, though......

Last night, our friend, Courtney, {who is also our Children's Director at church} hosted and Staff Going Away party for us.  
It was so sweet and so much fun to just have a good time with the staff and people we have served this church with.  
Plus, this is Courtney's view from her house.  
 Today, has been another day of packing with some more precious people.
My friend, Kandi, has been gone to the beach all week.
Her little girl and Brady are best buddies.  
They had to see each other today.
This is a picture of the two of them along with 2 of Brady's trains.
These are a few of his favorite things......
Aren't they precious together?!?!

We then took these three to supper with us.
I can't tell you how much I love these people!!!!  

I've done loads of packing this week and have loads more to do.
I'm being intentional about spending time and savoring time spent with
those I love and will miss so very much when we move in a few weeks.
What have you been up to??

in HIM-

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