Friday, June 8, 2012

My Instagram Life

This has been a SuPeR busy week!!!
SO, hang on --- Here we go.....lots of pictures....lots of busy-ness.
Last Saturday, I helped to host a babies shower for my sister.
This is me and my sister after it was all said and done.
Yes, it was a Dr. Seuss shower.

On Sunday, I got up and drove home to be able to have time to prepare for a VBS Volunteer Dinner we were having that evening. I was so tired from the weekend of baby shower stuff that this stop was necessary... 
Even if it hadn't been necessary, I would've stopped anyways. {grin}
Then came Monday and with it the start of Operation Overboard -- this year's VBS.
For the second time, our church teamed up with 3 other churches from our town and did a "Downtown VBS".  We started it last year in effort to show the world that we wanted to work together to build God's Kingdom rather than being put off by one anothers small differences.  And for the second time, it was fantastic.  I hope that the tradition of doing VBS together continues for a long time to come!!
This picture was taken on Tuesday.  I caught my two youngest being sweet together.....
praying together.....

On Wednesday, these two wonderful people and I attended a funeral in Atlanta for the brother of a sweet friend from church.  
Afterward, we did a little shopping and ate at Pappadeaux.  Because let's face it, one cannot be 5 minutes from North Point Mall and not do some shopping!!!
I don't know that our friend, Scott, was thrilled but he took it like a champ.
I don't suppose that has anything to do with the fact that we didn't tell him we were going shopping until right before we went to the mall and he was riding with us so he really had no choice....
Please excuse how horrid I look in this photo!!!

Yesterday, after VBS the kids and I came home and did some chores around the house.
Then Hubs came home and we had some family time!
We spent a couple of hours at the pool.
I got to sit and read.

We then went to supper before hub's softball game.
We finished supper way early so we had some time to play at the playground.

Today was the last day of Operation Overboard VBS.
This is my Lillie and Polly playing Bible Verse Hopscotch.

 and of course, parachute games are always fun.

 With all that we've been doing this week -- ie VBS -- I've only packed 4 boxes.
I must get busy on the packing.....
Tomorrow,  I will see what I can do.
 But for now, I'm exhausted.
And I plan on doing a bunch of nothing {well, almost} for the rest of the day.  

in HIM-

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carissa at lowercase letters said...

what a lovely space you have here along with a super cute fam! we have VBS this next week... i'm excited, but looking for ways to get naps in now! : )

Simply. Splendid. Living. said...

Thank you Mindy for stopping by my blog on Friday, I had put this up in response to your comment, but thought I'd add it here to make sure you see it:

I made the headband, super simple…just cut out felt (sewn on elastic), with some beads in the center.

Btw, cute family you have!