Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

It's been super busy around here as your can probably tell from the lack of posts.....Taking it back about a week and a half, here's were the hectic pace began....

On Saturday, May 26 - we went to a sweet little girl's birthday pool party.  
It was great fun and it was the first swimming trip for our kids this summer.  
We broke the summer season in right.
A great time was had by all!!!

Then Sunday, was this years dance recital.  
I didn't get my usual 10,000 photo's since it was on Sunday this year. 
I didn't have time between church, the getting ready and the time to be there to get them but I did  get a few.
This years theme was Around The World.

 Lillie's class was Ireland.

She had two dances.  One ballet and one tap.  

Maggie's class was two different counties.
First, Russian.  

She did a jazz dance to "Back In The USSR".

Then she tap danced her way through "Oh, Atlanta". Completely American!

 Allie took Ballet this year and her class was China.
 They were beautiful on stage in these incredible costumes!!

Seriously, it was one of my favorite costumes, ever!!!

 My stars -- ready to take the stage!!

 They had several "fans" come to see them.
Nana and Grandpap came up from Charlotte.

Cassie and Jenny came to see the show!

And Grammy and Granddaddy came, too!

AFTER the show!

I'm so proud of my girls.
It was wonderful watching them up there and seeing all their hard work.
I'm also incredibly proud of their teachers. Especially my sweet friend, Val {who is also the studio owner}
She does amazing things with these girls!!!
We are going to miss her when we move.  

I always love recital weekend and hate recital weekend.
LOVE seeing my girls and what they've learned.
HATE the headaches and rushed ness of getting everyone's hair done {all the crying and whining that comes with it} and getting everyone out the door.
BUT, still. 
I'm so proud of them!!!

in HIM-

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