Thursday, June 21, 2012


I got a text from someone last week that said that she was praying for me because she knew that our move is bittersweet for me.  And she is right.  
Getting ready for this move is so incredibly bittersweet.  
And days like yesterday remind me of what makes it so bittersweet.

Every Wednesday for the past 3 years (if not longer)  I've gone to the same restaurant for lunch.  I was initially invited by a girl from church who at the time barely knew me. Kris, you have no idea how much your invitation meant to me then and still means to me now!  I have loved the lunches.   The food is good.  It's not gourmet, but it is good.
But, that's not what matters the most.  
What matters the most if the "girl time" each week.  Sometimes, there were just 2 or 3 of us. Other times, we'd have 6 or 8 but it was always great girl time.
Time to talk about parenting, church, bible study, or whatever was on our minds that day.
We always sit in the same spot
and always have the same server.
Our sweet Michael.
He calls us his Wednesday girls.  

Yesterday was my last Wednesday lunch.
My friends brought me flowers, balloons and sour candy. {My fav} and the sweetest card!  

It was so sweet.
And so hard to leave from lunch.  
Bittersweet for sure.

These are my sweet friends I was at lunch with.  

While we were at lunch, our friends Jenny and Cassie were watching our kids.
We came back to my house where we'd left the kids and sat and watched them play for a bit.

 These three - three year olds  don't know life without one another.
It's gonna be hard to explain why they can't just gather at someone's house or the park and play together on a moment's notice.  

My two favorite superhero's.

 Lillie and Polly are best buddies, too.
Here they are doing cartwheels together.  
At seven, they understand what "moving" means.  

All four of my kids are sad to be leaving their friends.  
It was bittersweet watching these kids run and play and have fun together knowing how things are gonna change.

And then last night, my Accountability Group gathered one last time before I move.
A little over a year ago now, my friend- Kellie - told me that I needed to get these three girls and have an Accountability Group with them.  And I'm here to tell you that Kellie spoke the words but GOD was doing the telling!!
What's an Accountability Group?
In our group, it means sometimes sharing a devotion but it always means sharing what we are struggling with in regard to our walk with the Lord. And we hold one another accountable in those walks and in our struggles.  
We pray with and over one another.

These three ladies have prayed over me so many times in the past year plus.
They are invaluable for me.
God knew exactly what I needed and HE provided.
We plan to find a way to continue this group even after I move.  
I have to admit, though, that it's very bittersweet that I will no longer see them several times a week and just get to "do life" with them as I've been blessed to do for the past 4 years.

After Accountability Group,  Cassie joined us and we went to see the one of the cheesiest movies I've ever seen!! 
Rock of Ages is SUPERCHEESE but was quite funny, quite inappropriate at times, but quite funny and singing 80's songs at the top of our lungs!!! What could be better, right?
I'm sure Jenny and Cassie {who are just youngsters} were sick of the loud singing after the first 10 minutes.
Rock on Peeps!
Excuse my closed eyes.
I've decided I was giggling at the guy we asked to take our picture and work my camera....

Yesterday was bittersweet.
But, it was a wonderful day spent with people I love.
People that I know God placed in my life.
They are a blessing to me day in and day out in more ways than I can say.
I thank God for them.

Bittersweet.....that seems to be the theme this week.  
And I know that in the next two weeks, these bittersweet times will just continue.
Please indulge my need to record it all.

in HIM-

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Boyd said...

Mindy, even for those of us that didn't get the chance to get to know you as well as these special people, know that you and your family will be missed and we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. In Christ, Boyd.