Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Best of Things Come in Twos (Ginger's Dr. Seuss Shower)

This past Saturday,along with some family and friends, I had the awesome privilege of hosting a babies shower for my sister. Ginger is expecting twin boys in August and I couldn't be more excited if they were my own babies.  They will be my first nephews and I cannot wait to meet them.
So, I was super excited to do a Dr. Seuss shower for my sister because that is the perfect theme for a shower celebrating twin boys.

I didn't get a picture of the invitations, but you gotta go here and check them out because they were absolutely adorable!!  It is there on the front page where you can click on twin invitations.

My Mom and I made lots of decorations.  This was the entrance to the shower.  My mom mad e that adorable wreath.  It is made out of turquoise tulle and tissue paper.

 We made 6 Truffula Trees.  I got the directions here.  Easy peazy and super cute!  We put two on the door, 3 in windows and one beside the drink table.

My Mom made these super cute diaper cakes and the flower arrangement.  We had Dr. Seuss quotes framed on the tables.

Several people helped me with the clothes line on the front of the table.  My MIL made the onesies that say "Chester" and "Lester" which is an inside joke not what the babies will be named.
My Aunt made the amazing knitted hats and the buntings for the babies and I ordered the cat in the hat onesies from Esty.

We had some great food which I, of course, renamed with Dr. Seuss names.  Here are a few of the dishes.....

Truffula  Trees.....

Green Eggs and Ham......

 Diffendoofer's Caprese Salad Skewers. These were AMAZING!!!!

My dad's girlfriend, Sandra, made these super cute Cat in the Hat Cookies!!!

And Thing 1 and Thing 2 Cupcakes make by my cousin Natalie.

 We gave "Hop on Pop Cake Pops as favors. Sandra made these, too and they were fantastic!

Another thing I did that I found {where else!?!?} Pinterest.  We had a photo station set up and when folks walked in I got them to get all frou frou "ed" up and got their pictures.

 This is my sister, Ginger in the white. Due in August with twins.  With her in this picture is her sister in law, Elizabeth,who is a week further along in her pregnancy than Ginger is.  What a difference two babies make, huh?

Me and my baby sister.
And my baby nephews who I can't wait to meet!!

Me, Ginger and my Mom after all was said and done.

This is our cousin, Natalie, me, Ginger and our step-sister Lauren, who we did a Vintage Toy Shower for back in January.

My girls with Ginger.

It really was a great day full of family, fun and lots of amazing twin gifts.
I love you, Ginger.  I hope you enjoyed the shower as much as I enjoyed doing it for you!!

in HIM-


Elaine said...

What a super cute shower Mindy!!! You are so talented!

Wendy said...

Looks like the shower was a success. We had so much going on that day that I didn't have an extra second to squeeze in. I need to give Ginger's gift to your mom. Hope all is well with you guys.