Thursday, June 28, 2012


As I sit here this morning drinking my coffee and watching the last 15 minutes of Anne Curry's stay on the Today Show {which I AM NOT happy about} before I start another whirlwind day of packing this house, I'm reminded once again of the word that the Lord has been quietly whispering to me for months now.
That word is intentional.

I need to be more intentional in all areas of my life.

.....In loving my husband, my daughters, my son, my friends, our church and every person I meet.
.....In being WHO God's called me to be.
.....In studying HIS Word.
.....In prayer and quiet times.
.....In reading His Word.
....In parenting.
.....In being the wife God calls me to be.
.....In  simply enjoying each moment of life God has given me.
....In the words I speak and the thoughts I think.
.....and many, many other ways I haven't even thought of yet, I'm sure.

As I go back to my packing, I've got lots to ponder on and talk to God about in being intentional.  We have 2 more packing days before I take my children to stay with friends in Charlotte.  We have a couple of fun things happening this weekend and then comes the big days.  Monday will be filled with loading trucks and cleaning,cleaning, cleaning.  Tuesday we roll out of here to our new home before noon.

I'm not sure how  much blogging I will get done between now and whenever we get settled. But, hopefully I can do a post or two .......
So, until then, I will be pondering on being intentional and listening to what God wants to say to me about exactly that.  And I will be doing my best to be intentional in doing all I said above as I go.  Especially in the few short days we have left here in Sylva, NC.

What's God speaking to you about? What are you pondering on?

in HIM-

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fat Buddies and A Pool Party

Fat Buddies is a local BBQ place.
It is one of my all time favorite places.
Today, the kids and I were treated to lunch with Jenny and Cassie..

THANK you, girls. We had a blast!!

Tonight was a pool party in honor of my kids.  
It was such a lovely party and my kids all loved it.

Allie jumping in!

This little guy decided to try jumping off the diving board.
Love the look on his face.

 There was  a sweet cake and pizza all around.

Lots of friends came to swim!!

Several "School friends" even came which was a sweet surprise to the girls
Lillie and her friend, Macie.

Little Miss Emmalyn

 Olivia and Brady

Our friends Jenny and Josh

Cassie and Polly

Maggie with her friends, Bethany, Ella and Natalie

Allie and her friend Morgan.

 Me with friends, Kris and Kandi

These sweet  girls were our neighbors when we first moved here.
This is Lillie, Rayna, Ella, Maggie and Allie

 McKenna and Allie
McKenna, Allie and Dominic

Polly and Lillie

Madalyn, Maggie, Polly and Lillie.

We really have had  great day with our friends.
Maggie was the first to cry tonight over her friends.
She was very upset when she got home that she won't get to see Bethany again.
My heart broke for her and I cried with her.

I'd love it if you'd pray for my family in the next 11 days as we say many goodbyes.
Especially for my little people!!

in HIM-

Thursday, June 21, 2012


I got a text from someone last week that said that she was praying for me because she knew that our move is bittersweet for me.  And she is right.  
Getting ready for this move is so incredibly bittersweet.  
And days like yesterday remind me of what makes it so bittersweet.

Every Wednesday for the past 3 years (if not longer)  I've gone to the same restaurant for lunch.  I was initially invited by a girl from church who at the time barely knew me. Kris, you have no idea how much your invitation meant to me then and still means to me now!  I have loved the lunches.   The food is good.  It's not gourmet, but it is good.
But, that's not what matters the most.  
What matters the most if the "girl time" each week.  Sometimes, there were just 2 or 3 of us. Other times, we'd have 6 or 8 but it was always great girl time.
Time to talk about parenting, church, bible study, or whatever was on our minds that day.
We always sit in the same spot
and always have the same server.
Our sweet Michael.
He calls us his Wednesday girls.  

Yesterday was my last Wednesday lunch.
My friends brought me flowers, balloons and sour candy. {My fav} and the sweetest card!  

It was so sweet.
And so hard to leave from lunch.  
Bittersweet for sure.

These are my sweet friends I was at lunch with.  

While we were at lunch, our friends Jenny and Cassie were watching our kids.
We came back to my house where we'd left the kids and sat and watched them play for a bit.

 These three - three year olds  don't know life without one another.
It's gonna be hard to explain why they can't just gather at someone's house or the park and play together on a moment's notice.  

My two favorite superhero's.

 Lillie and Polly are best buddies, too.
Here they are doing cartwheels together.  
At seven, they understand what "moving" means.  

All four of my kids are sad to be leaving their friends.  
It was bittersweet watching these kids run and play and have fun together knowing how things are gonna change.

And then last night, my Accountability Group gathered one last time before I move.
A little over a year ago now, my friend- Kellie - told me that I needed to get these three girls and have an Accountability Group with them.  And I'm here to tell you that Kellie spoke the words but GOD was doing the telling!!
What's an Accountability Group?
In our group, it means sometimes sharing a devotion but it always means sharing what we are struggling with in regard to our walk with the Lord. And we hold one another accountable in those walks and in our struggles.  
We pray with and over one another.

These three ladies have prayed over me so many times in the past year plus.
They are invaluable for me.
God knew exactly what I needed and HE provided.
We plan to find a way to continue this group even after I move.  
I have to admit, though, that it's very bittersweet that I will no longer see them several times a week and just get to "do life" with them as I've been blessed to do for the past 4 years.

After Accountability Group,  Cassie joined us and we went to see the one of the cheesiest movies I've ever seen!! 
Rock of Ages is SUPERCHEESE but was quite funny, quite inappropriate at times, but quite funny and singing 80's songs at the top of our lungs!!! What could be better, right?
I'm sure Jenny and Cassie {who are just youngsters} were sick of the loud singing after the first 10 minutes.
Rock on Peeps!
Excuse my closed eyes.
I've decided I was giggling at the guy we asked to take our picture and work my camera....

Yesterday was bittersweet.
But, it was a wonderful day spent with people I love.
People that I know God placed in my life.
They are a blessing to me day in and day out in more ways than I can say.
I thank God for them.

Bittersweet.....that seems to be the theme this week.  
And I know that in the next two weeks, these bittersweet times will just continue.
Please indulge my need to record it all.

in HIM-

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!!

The kids have been so excited about Father's Day.  
Yesterday, the kids and I went to do some shopping and all in all it went alright.
Shopping with 4 kids is always a bit of chaos but it worked pretty well.
We picked out some new duds for Dad!!
Then after bath time, they all made him cards.

 And wrapped their own gifts......

 And they couldn't wait til after lunch to be able to give him their gifts.

 Dad liked the new duds, too!

Happy Father's Day to the best Daddy ever!
I think their love for him is pretty evident!!

We've had a pretty low key afternoon complete with a nap for Daddy and kids playing in the water hose outside.
Now, it's time for spaghetti and meatballs and a bit more family time before bed!!

Happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there!!!
in HIM-

Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Instagram Week

Linking up at Life ReArranged for Insta-Friday......

life rearranged

I'm just a day late.  

The weekend and part of the week was super full of family.  
On Sunday evening, we went to supper with Granddaddy and Nana LeeAnne.
It was a super busy weekend.
We were all feeling a bit nutty by Sunday evening......

On Monday, three of my favorite people in the world came to help me pack.  
I am so blessed to have these wonderful people in my life 
not to mention that they were willing to take a few hours out of a Monday afternoon to come help me pack.
Kellie, Joshua and Hannah -- thanks again!
I love you all!!!

My dad was also in town for part of this week for Holston Conference's Annual Conference.
He was the delegate from my little home church in Georgia.
I love this picture of him with my two littlest.
So sweet!

We took a trip to the city pool for Family Swim Night on Wednesday.
I love these nights. 
I get to sit and read and watch the fun!
 Brady and Daddy.....

Thursday, I packed.
And then we went out to dinner.
A sweet lady from church had offered to take the kids to a movie.
So, after supper. They went to the movies.
And I sent hubby to join them.
And I enjoyed an hour and a half of complete aloneness with no one needing anything from me.
This was a shot of downtown on the way to pick them up from the movies.

My nightcap......
Green Tea......
It's supposed to aid with weight -- it's so good!
Haven't seen that to be so true, though......

Last night, our friend, Courtney, {who is also our Children's Director at church} hosted and Staff Going Away party for us.  
It was so sweet and so much fun to just have a good time with the staff and people we have served this church with.  
Plus, this is Courtney's view from her house.  
 Today, has been another day of packing with some more precious people.
My friend, Kandi, has been gone to the beach all week.
Her little girl and Brady are best buddies.  
They had to see each other today.
This is a picture of the two of them along with 2 of Brady's trains.
These are a few of his favorite things......
Aren't they precious together?!?!

We then took these three to supper with us.
I can't tell you how much I love these people!!!!  

I've done loads of packing this week and have loads more to do.
I'm being intentional about spending time and savoring time spent with
those I love and will miss so very much when we move in a few weeks.
What have you been up to??

in HIM-

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Working Out with Pinterest

I've told y'all before of my love for Pinterest.  I really do find so many good ideas on there.  All kinds of things from clothing to decorating. From kids rooms to dream houses. From recipes to organizing {which I sort of have a thing for}. One of the most surprising and yet, best things I'm pinning on Pinterest  is {are? what is the correct grammar here}  some great workouts.

One of my favorites I've been doing lately is this one......ballerina legs?  Yes, please!!
Source: via Mindy on Pinterest

Here is one of the newest things I've found that I just love.  I haven't actually done this one yet but I am just thinking that if I spread this out and do it 5 times in one day that is 500 extra calories burned.  YES!!!

And here is the one that I did tonight. TOUGH!!!!!

I'm curious, what are you pinning on Pinterest that has surprised you ?

in HIM-