Thursday, May 3, 2012

You Can Be A Blessing!

I struggled with whether or not I should post this link on my blog.  I wondered what people would think.
Would they think I am trying to ask for these things for myself? Does it look shameless? Does it look like I'm having a pity party?

And then, I thought some more and I realized that none of that is my motivation for sharing this. My motivation my husband. I see how he pours his life into the work God has called him to do.  I see how unappreciated he is. I hear all the negative comments.

So, if you are interested, please go over and read Lysa TerKeurst's article today called "Things Your Pastor Wants You to Know".  There is so much truth in this article.

I encourage each of you to go and read this article and consider how you can bless your own pastor.

I will be working harder to bless my own pastor hubby by supporting him and reminding him that I love and appreciate all he does. And that he listens and obeys the Lord above.



Susan said...

Mindy, I am so sorry you hear negative comments. I honestly do not understand the negativity. I hope it makes you feel better that I do hear way more good than bad. I have learned so much from both of you. Part of it, was me needing to mature spiritually. But much of it was that Ken is such an excellent teacher and I have learned so much! Your invitations to Bible studies have helped motivate me out of my spiritual laziness and get me more interested. You both have a gift for helping people find their place in a church and I think you make a great team. Besides, complaining about a devoted pastor annoys me to no end. People complain about church "going late" while people in some countries wish they could just go to church! Complaints like that are such 1st world problems. Going to church to just hear a fluffy sermon telling me that I am doing fine is not going to help me very much. I'll get off my soapbox now. Anyhow, I hope that neither of you are discouraged, there are many people that appreciate what Ken does (I talked to one last week!) Negative just has a big mouth....

Anonymous said...

Amen to what Susan has said. I LOVE Ken's heart for God and how God has used him to challenge us and also to encourage us to be in intimate relationship with him. I have sent Ken notes and emails over the past few years to let him know how MUCH I appreciate His willingness to speak the truth and offer our members the chance repeatedly to commit their hearts and lives to Christ. Few, if any, Methodist pastors DO this and it is so important! There will always be those that are threatened by the truth or just simply not "happy" with each and every pastor any Methodist church has, as you guys well know (and they DO have the loudest voice and that is never really fair)...but there is little question in many of FUMC members' minds, that God has brought Ken...and this church. I can only imagine how hard his job is and could never do it myself. Bless you both for your faithfulness to eachother and to God...and you keep on advocating for your hubby as you did in this blog!! You are his helpmate and there is not pitty party to this! :-)

Carolyn said...

Ditto to the above. I am not very good at putting my feelings into words. You and Ken are a blessing to this church. I see how hard both of you work and have learned so much from the both of you. Your hearts are in the right place. Cannot imagine how difficult it must be to try to please everybody. I am thankful that God chose to place the two of you in my life at this time.