Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Moments

I've got loads to share with you about our weekend but quite frankly, I'm too tired to upload and edit the rest of the pictures so maybe tomorrow I will do that.
 Yes, Maybe tomorrow.

Anyways, so for today -- I thought I'd just share with you a few snippets from our Monday.  
Allie had a lighthouse project due today.
You know, we do live in North Carolina and 4th grade is state history.
So, light house projects.
Allie chose to do the Ocracoke lighthouse.
She had her Daddy have spent lots of time on this project, even making the light work.
I think she was pleased with how it turned out.  
Also, see that tv on back there..... well, by 5 PM today, it no longer worked.
A flash of lightening got it --- out of nowhere!

I also took Lillie to the doctor this morning. She ran a fever all day Saturday and Sunday. 
But this morning the fever was very low.
But to the doctor we went to be sure it wasn't strep throat.
It wasn't.
The dr. sent us home with nothing since she had no more fever.
Lillie and I went to breakfast with a friend and she looked like this.
not sick at all.....

She came home and played with her brother all afternoon.
Was fine when we sat in carline to get her sisters.  
Came back home and started cleaning her room and then BAM!
By 5PM, here fever was back up to frustrating and sad that she is still sick!!!

I know this picture is super grainy but I love it.
As I was folding my third load of laundry for the day my sweet boy came and hugged me from behind so we snapped a picture together.

Then it was time for church meetings and dance classes.
After those things were over, we wet for a quick supper at our favorite local mexican place.
Where I promptly knocked over my tea.
All over the table.
I'm super graceful, y'all.

After that it was home for bedtimes , more laundry, and now - I'm headed off to bed myself.
It was a very full Monday.
Even with a sick kid, not a bad one at all.  
Hope you had some good Monday moments, too!

in HIM-

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