Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Life of The Party

This has been one of those ultra busy weeks where it seems I've had little to no time to blog.  In the little time I have found to actually sit, I've not wanted to do anything but sit.
It's picture week at dance, and book club and groceries and so on and so forth....that's the kind of week it is.
Tomorrow it looks like I will have some time to actually clean house during the day before the girls get home from school and then it's back to crazy busy week.  Not complaining -- just wishing that sometimes things would slow down a bit.
BUT, it's that time of year I suppose........When is it not that time of year?

Anyways!!  On Sunday afternoon the girls were in a musical at church with our Club 4:12 players. It was called "Life of The Party" and they did a fantastic job! It was the story of Mary, Martha, Lazarus and Jesus.

This is Erin as Mary and my Allie as Martha.

Totally type casted........

There were many songs in the play {thus, a musical}  and these girls sang their hearts out.

And these did too!

Jesus comes and tells some parables.....
This one was the one about the lost sheep......
This was the parable of The Vine and the Branches.....

Lillie was cut off.....
 Having a great time with Jesus after he tells the parables.....
that is until Marta put an end to the fun.....

Lillie and Polly sang a song together.
It was so sweet.  

After the party, the story turned serious and turned to Lazurus' death.....
This was the only boy in the play.
Dominic did a great job as Jesus!
"Lazarus, Lazarus come out!"

And Lazarus comes out and the play ended with the rejoicing!

Taking a bow!

 All of the Club 4:12 Players with Ms. Courtney

Silly faces!!!

Grammy and Granddaddy and Aunt Ginger were able to stay for the play. 
The girls were so excited that they could be there.  

 I just had to share this photo.  After the play the little brothers had a great time running around playing!
These boys were all born within 4 months of each other.  
They are so sweet together.

The play was a wonderful end to a super busy weekend!
Thanks to Courtney for all the hard work she put in to working with these kids on this play.
And really for all she does for our children's program.
She is awesome!
We are lucky to have her as the Children's Director at church.
And I am lucky to call her my friend!!!

in HIM-

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