Friday, May 25, 2012


Life has been super busy the last few weeks. So, here are some Instagram pictures so, I can catch you up!!

One day last week, Miss O came and spent the afternoon with us and we took a walk down to the fountain downtown.  And then continued on to the library and back to our house to play for a while.  
It was a great afternoon and i think we wore these two out!

We also went to dinner at one of my favorite places later in the week last week.
It's  a fabulous Italian place with the best garlic knots ever. AND the cinnamon knots are incredible, too!
Maggie posed on their lion for me to take her picture.

 That Friday morning, a friend and I went to a warehouse sale of one of our favorite local boutiques.
It's a kids clothing store and we both got some great things.
Then we went to eat at this funky local restaurant.

I can't even remember the name of it, but you can bet I remember where it is {sort of}
Because I had the best Falafel wrap ever!!!
It was delicious!!!!

Friday evening our churches annual Camp Patton Springs began.
These 4 were so excited to be headed out.
Poor Brady thought he was going to get to stay, too.
Instead he got supper with mom and doughnuts for dessert!

Last Saturday, I went to my sisters first baby shower.
It was lovely.
Don't you think she is lovely too?  

Then I had a sick kid over the weekend so no pictures from then.....
But Tuesday was our last day of school.
Ice cream to celebrate!!!

Tuesday afternoon, J came over to play with B.
They are such sweet friends.

On Wednesday, we got to go take my MIL to lunch for Mother's Day and then went back to her house for dessert, playing games and just visiting for a bit!

Yesterday, I got my hair did......

 Tonight was dress rehearsal for the recital this Sunday.
This is Lillie and her friend Auti.
Sweet friends.

Hopefully that catches you up on what I've been up to lately.....
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greyceiling said...

Super cute kids!! Oh the joys of the end of school...

Jason and Charity Palmer said...

Ice cream can be used to celebrate any occasion...or really just it can be eaten at anytime. for anything :) thanks for your comment! You've got some cute kiddos!

Kristin @ Petal and Thorn said...

my favorite memories of childhood were getting ice cream as a family. so cute!