Monday, April 16, 2012

Water Rock Knob

Yesterday morning, in between services, hubs mentioned that he thought it would be a nice day to make a picnic and drive up onto the Blue Ridge Parkway.
He didn't have to ask me twice.
It was a beautiful afternoon! 
We took some lunch and had a picnic 
and then decided to climb up to the top of Water Rock Knob.

It says that it was only a half a mile up but that was the longest half mile ever.

LOVE this shot of my guys when we first started out.....

 The girls enjoyed climbing up the rocks....
Well, Maggie and Allie enjoyed it.
Lillie complained the whole way up.....

We made it!!!

Hubs and the kids on top.
Brady wasn't too excited about being so close to the edge.
And....I think it was a bit windy....=)

My sweet family!

The view from the top!

On the way back down...

Brady got over his fear and had a great time hiking back down.

Miss Lillie started back down and proclaimed to everyone how much she loved it!

The girls.....

Once we got back to the bottom, we had a great time playing some football!

Love this one!

After playing for a while, we headed back down the mountain just in time to rest a bit before the girls play practice at church.
GREAT family day!!!

in HIM-


Allison said...

What fun and great memories!

Wendy said...

Great pics! Love the family shot. Our weather has also been great for outdoor fun.