Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Touch of Tuesday {Random Thoughts}

*It's been a pretty run of the mill kind of Tuesday around here......I've done some laundry as I do almost every. single. day.  But I've found I would rather do a load or two daily than try and do it all in one day!

* Last week, I told you that I made my own cleaners. I also learned from the same website that  one can make a good comet type cleaner out of dawn dishsoap and baking soda.  I put it to the test on my stove today.  I took the burners out and the drip pans out and did some scrubbing.  Good news! It works really well!!!!

* I was thinking  today about hand written notes.  I love to receive them and send them.  I've got some that I need to write even as I type!!  I guess I am a typical Southern girl in regards to sending notes.  But I will admit that the rule of 10 days seems to elude me.....Better late than never is what I say! =)

*I am making a BIG effort to get my family to eat healthier.  It. is. tough with this group. They are a picky lot.  I'm trying to implement {still} a meatless night once a week.  Tonight I made red beans and rice.  No one complained.  But none were overly thrilled any really good vegetarian recipes you wanna share?

*Also lately, I've been pondering the lack of respect in our society for anyone in authority.  I feel like I see it everywhere.  Kids in schools have no respect for their teachers.  Adults done have respect for their bosses, the police, their pastor.......And since the adults in their lives have no respect for anyone in authority over them, their children have no respect for....anyone?  This is a soapbox issue for me.  The lack of respect in the world.  What do y'all think.  DO people lack respect for authority these days or is it just me?

*Lastly, book club was supposed to be tonight.  But I'm glad it got rescheduled to next week because I am very , very far behind on my reading.  Mostly because what we are reading is very hard {for me} to read.  We are reading this:

We are doing it in sections {thank goodness}  -- but I still need to finish reading The Inferno by next Tuesday.  Part of the problem is I have this need to know who all the people are that Dante see's in Hell.   So, with looking up all the people, places and creatures, not to mention the language it's written in,  the reading is sloooowwww going.  The good thing it that I do find it really interesting so it does keep my attention.  At least until I start to feel like my head is going to explode.

So, I'm off to eat a small snack and read some of this book!!!

in HIM-

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Wendy\ said...

A good meatless dish we have is Baked Ziti (from NSUMC's older cookbook). Only about 4 ingredients if you use canned spaghetti sauce. Super easy and my whole family likes it. :)