Saturday, April 14, 2012 the Park

Today has been a great Saturday.
We haven't gotten to see Nana and Grandpap (Ken's Mom and step-dad)
since Christmas.  
They came to visit today.  
The brought with them some Easter gifts.  

Brady got a new shirt with a helicopter on it and a match box Spiderman Monster Truck for Brady.
The girls got new shirts from their favorite store....
 IF you guessed Justice,
 you'd be right!
And cute bracelets from there too!

We drove over  the mountain to a town nearby and ate at one of our favorite restaurants.
On the way over there, My MIL said: "I didn't know Franklin was such a far drive"
Maggie said: "It's ok Nana, it's gonna be worth the drive!"

And, of course, to Maggie {and me} anyways, it WAS worth the drive.
Fat Buddies has the best bbq ribs around!
 If you are ever in Franklin, NC - you should try it.

We left there and went to a nearby park.

It is a great playground and the kids love to go play there whenever we are over that way.
We all had a great time!

After the park, we decided to go for ice cream.
This is another great place in Franklin!
Peppermint Patti's Ice Cream Parlor 
I never eat ice cream, but today - I decided to have some
Pistachio Almond in a waffle cone. YUM!

After the ice cream, we came back to our house and visited for a while longer 
before Nana and Grandpap had to head back home.
We all had a great day together!
Hope you had a good Saturday, too!

 I'm off to do some hard core Pilates to work off all the food I've eaten today!!!
OH --- and watch one of my all time fav movies with the kids that is on tv tonight --
The Goonies!!!  

in HIM-

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