Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday .....{in pictures}}

Today was our little town's annual festival called "Greening Up The Mountains"
So, we spent most of today enjoying that!
Maggie was dancing so, first we went to watch all the dancers....

 Miss Maggie loves dance and was excited that her class was dancing today.

 She did a GREAT job!!!

After the dancing, Brady had a meltdown, so we had to go home for a few minutes. Luckily, we live downtown so we just walked!  We then walked back down when he had calmed down.
We ate some lunch and Brady got to go on the big slide.

They came back and he looked like this.....
SO, hubs took him home for a nap,

We walked around the festival and then it was time to come home.
Allie had a great day with her friend, Erin!

We came home for a bit and then went to see these two beautiful girls all ready  for prom tonight.
 On the walk back home, I took this pictures of our courthouse.
Isn't it pretty?

We have loads of family in town this weekend.
Granddaddy and Nana LeeAnne, Grammy and Granddaddy, and Aunt Ginger are all visiting.
We went to supper at Fat Buddies {the best BBQ places EVER!!}

After supper, it was home for baths and bedtime.
Grammy rolled Maggie and Allie's hair and will do Lillie's with hot rollers in the morning.
They are very excited about curls.

It's been a SUPER busy Saturday.  
Hope you've had a great one, too!!!

in HIM-

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