Friday, April 20, 2012

My Instagram Friday

life rearranged

Here is my Instragram life this week!

We took these two little people to the aquarium this past week.
They had a great time.
And they really enjoyed the "special treat" for dessert at lunch!!!

Brady drew this picture this week.
It's the first time I've seen him draw something that was more than a scribble.
He said it was a smiling giant with one eye.

I love this picture.
He loves it when his sisters ride the bus home.
And he loves watching for the bus to arrive!!!

I love new shoes.  
And these? They are called Hawaii Sunset!
Aren't they just great for summer!?!?!  

All of my little people helping pick up sticks and the trimmings from the trees their Daddy was cutting.

Tonight was Panini night at our house. 
Some Fridays are pizza but tonight was panini's.... I like to keep it simple on the weekends.  
What do you do for supper on Friday Nights?

Not much excitement around here this week.
We've just been doing our daily routines and some how it's Friday again.....
Hope you had a great week!!!

in HIM-

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