Thursday, April 5, 2012

Leanna and Andrew's "Woodsy" Reception

Almost as soon as we returned from our Shark Sleeping Trip,
we loaded up and headed to Georgia for my youngest step- sister's wedding reception.
This is Leanna.  I've known her since she was about 1 year old.  She's funny, caring and beautiful!
Also, this is Andrew.  I haven't known him very long, but I am looking forward to getting to know him more.
They live in Alaska right now and were married there in February.

So, we were happy to get to have a reception for them over the weekend.
I was privileged to get to help with some of the "stuff" for the reception.

One of her favors was Martinelli's Apple Juice.

Ken and I made these tags for the little bottles of juice and the date stickers.

Her other favors were these delicious Lemon Loaves.  

We also made the tags for these. 

Aren't the cakes adorable?  

I absolutely loved this guest book!
Leanna bought a coffee table book about different birds.
It is a beautiful book with plenty of white space.
People just picked a page and signed it.
Great idea!!!
I did not sign on the buzzard page. =)

This was the wreath my Mom made for the door.
Leanna's colors were navy and yellow

and there was a touch of an owl theme throughout.

This beautiful blue orchid was on the guest book table.

My Mom also made this moss wreath.
It was my favorite!
The little white owls were my fav too!!!
{I got to bring this wreath home with me! yeay!}
This cute owl greeted people at the door on the drink table.

There were cokes and rootbeers there for folks to drink.

I also loved this Just Married sign.
I don't know where it came from but it was so cute!

My Mom also made this beautiful centerpiece.  
Yellow Roses, White peonies and lemons.


The napkin rings were made by my great aunt.
Add a Billy Ball and a stick and voila!

These were the centerpieces on the tables
Billy Balls and White Hydrangea.....

My Mom and Leanna's precious grandparents.

The cake.
Isn't it just the prettiest!?!

Time to cut the cake!

Heath {my brother} and Brady.
They love each other!

And they love to be silly together.
This is Lauren, my other step-sister.
That is Baby JP who we did the Vintage Toy Shower for back in January.
We were all so glad to finally meet him!

My pretties at the reception.....

Another shot of the beautiful bride.

Leanna and our sister Ginger are both in the same sorority.  
SO, the sisters all sang to Leanna as is the custom before we all headed out.

I think the reception was just beautiful.
I loved all the outdoorsy, woodland themed stuff.
So, so pretty.  

in HIM-

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Warren said...

Hi Mindy,

My name is Warren, and I'm the social media guru at Martinelli's. I came across your blog and I wanted to congratulate you on your excellent work with our little 10oz apple bottles. Also, we send our congratulations to Leanna and Andrew and were happy to see these pictures of our juice at their wedding!

So that you know, we've posted a link to this blog on our Facebook page ( and our Pinterest page (


Warren Sampson