Friday, April 13, 2012


I'm super excited that my friend, Hannah, told me that I could now download Instragram for my phone andriod.  
And I've been taking tons of pictures this week.  
And the perfect way for me to keep the pics I'm taking?
Right here on the ole blog!

And it works out perfectly, that over at Life Arranged, there is InstaFriday for others who share my need to take many pictures to link up and share our pics. 
Here is what we've been up to this week.....

The Easter Bunny brought Brady this Green Lantern shirt.
He loves  it!
He has asked to wear it everyday.
This was on Monday.  
He said "Mom, you wanna see my muscles?"

On Tuesday, I got to substitute in Brady's preschool class.
It was much fun watching him play and interact with other 3 and 4 year olds! 

I made these awesome Spiced Pretzels this week!

As I change the sheets on  my bed this week, I scooped these up and wondered if I might have a problem......

I took this picture one afternoon sitting in the carline at the girls school.
It's one of my favorite times of each day.
He will almost always nap, and I get to read my bible in quiet!

I bought these shoes this week.
They were on sale.
I love them!

I came home one night and found these flowers laying on my bed.
My sweet Maggie had left them there for me.

 Supper Thursday night was Chicken Taco Salad.

Brady loves it when the girls get home from school everyday.
I love how happy they are to see one least for the first 30 seconds! =)

Supper tonight came in this enormous box.
A local restaurant has a great deal on a huge, 28 inch pizza.
My family of 6 can eat on it for 3 days......seriously.

It's been a fast, fast week.
Sometimes, I wish time would just slow down!!

in HIM-

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