Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Hat Parade

Every year in a small town just down the road, there is an Easter Hat Parade.
We have lived here for almost 4 years and haven't participated in it ever.
SO, today -- we decided this is the  year that we do it!

Allie wasn't interested in making a new hat to wear.....
 Maggie loved making a hat, though. 
This is like her Mama.
More is always more. ;)  

Brady wasn't into it too much either.
Ken did attach some pipe cleaners to his hat.
Sort of like antenna.

Maggie's finished hat.....

Lillie went in a different direction all together and chose a pink baseball cap to decorate.

She added some sparkly hearts and flowers and a nice green {her favorite color} bow.

After all the hat making, we spent a few minutes on a competitive game of checkers.

Then colored some fans.
This is Brady's fan....

Just a  pretty picture.....
 The train rolled into town and brought with it, Snoopy.....

Lucy and Charlie Brown.

We then came home for some lunch and then returned in time for the actual Hat Parade!
One of the fancier hats.....

We paraded around town in our hats with about 120 other people....

Allie decided to get in on the action and brought this wig from home to wear....

Brady's post......

We didn't win any prizes for our hats but we had a great time!!!

Such a good time that we were all ready for a nap!
He was asleep almost immediately!

It really was a fun day!
If you are local and have never been part of the Easter festivities in Dillsboro,
you should go next year!!!

in HIM-


Laurie said...

How fun!

Wendy said...

This looks like fun. I love outdoor family-friendly events!