Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Baskets and our Sunday Best!

The Easter Bunny did indeed make an appearance at our house Saturday Night.  
These are the baskets!
I don't do too much for Easter baskets.  I work hard to be sure that they kids know what Easter is really about  and just do a small basketful of stuff for the kids....

I have only let Allie read the very first Harry Potter book. But all of my kids have seen the first movie.
So, there were Chocolate Frogs in their baskets.

This little boy told me last week that he wanted a Green Lantern Shirt.
He was super excited to find it in his basket! The girls got new tshirts, too!

The kids wear their flip flops so much that they always need a new pair about this time of year.
So a new pair of flip flops for all.

My girls love Bath and Body Works. SO, each of them got a small body spray from there.

A new baseball cap {Atlanta Braves, of course} for this guy.

A small pair of earrings for each of the girls.  Lillie's are turtles, Maggie's are dolphins and Allie's are koi fish.  very cute!

New books for all.....
The Secret Garden for Lillie
Black Beauty for Maggie
Around the World in 180 Days for Allie
and a Spiderman coloring book for Brady.
And of course, there was some candy for all!

We then got ready and went to church.
Hubs did a great job and it was a wonderful Easter celebration!
Then it was time for a photo shoot of our new Sunday clothes!
There are a lot of these but I couldn't choose just one to share.
I love them all.
AND - I have many, many more. So, I did have a bit of constraint.  =)

And then, they had had enough of the photo shoot.  

We had a nice afternoon at home resting and playing and then went out to supper as a family.
It was a very nice Easter.
Hope yours was too!!!
in HIM-


Allison said...

Love the Easter outfits! They are all beautiful children! Great pics.

Wendy said...

Great pics! Gotta get our Easter pictures up on the ole blog too. Wondering where you (or the Easter Bunny) found the chocolate frogs?

Lisa said...

SO sweet! I love their Easter outfits!

Because of Love said...

Oh my goodness those outfits ate the best! I LOVE them!

Because of Love said...

*are. iPad autocorrect!