Thursday, April 12, 2012

Amber Colored Tonic

So, last week my BFF and I were out doing some Easter Shopping and we were discussing a show of a certain Christian Comedian that we were hoping to attend.
I mentioned that I loved one of the songs she did and then my friend 
 said "Have you heard the one about sweet tea?"

WHAT!?!? There is a song about sweet tea?!?
I, indeed, had not heard her song about sweet tea.
We quickly looked it up on her handy ipad and laughed and laughed.  

I knew that I needed to share it here on the ole blog so that passersby can enjoy it, too!
Because after all --- it's educational for some folks! =)

I do love my sweet tea.  
There are times when nothing else will do.

Seriously, wasn't that the greatest!!

OH, and guess what!
We are making big plans to see her next weekend. 
Local peeps --- let us know if you wanna join in the fun!!!

in HIM-