Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Touch of Tuesday

Today is already looking like a busy day.
Thought I would share with you a touch of my Tuesday.....

1) Over at Sweet Southern Prep, Ashley is hosting a Giveaway that is right up my totally "southern belle"  alley.
The giveaway is for a free MONOGRAM from Southern Nest. I'm not talking about a monogrammed shirt, I'm talking about an 18 inch wooden monogram that you can paint or leave as is and display in your home.   I am so entering this as many times as I can.  If you love monograms anywhere near as much as me, then you should go on over and enter, too!  Hurry, it ends tomorrow night!

2) This morning I'm making my menu for the week and heading to the grocery store.  
I found this recipe over at The Pleated Poppy.  
I've never cooked Brussel Sprouts.  In fact, the only time I've ever tried them, I didn't like them.
But, I think that had more to do with the place {a certain buffet type place that will remain nameless for those out there who like to eat there}  rather than the sprouts themselves.
I'm thinking of trying this recipe this week.  Or sometimes soon.
Do you have a good Brussel Sprouts recipe?  

3)I'm working on helping put together a Reception for my littlest step-sister, Leanna.  I am searching the world over {or at least the internet over} looking for 10 1/2 inch paper straws in yellow and white stripes and navy and white stripes.  Hook a girl up if you know where I can find them.  I am having no luck and I'm running out of time.  I need to order them like today.  

4) I don't think I have told ya'll that my incredible sister who I shared a picture of here yesterday is prego.  
Not only is she pregnant but she is having twins!  
And we found out last week that they are boys!!!
I am super excited to be having two more nephews.  Time for me to do some shopping.
You can check out her blog here.....but she hasn't updated it in about 3 weeks.  
I'm waiting {rather impatiently} for new ultrasound pics of  Chester and Lester.  

5) My house needs to be cleaned and there is laundry to do. 
I also have a meeting tonight and hubs has two.
Like I said LONG day.  Will be trying to figure out how to cook supper and feed everyone with meetings at 5PM, 5:30PM and 6:00PM......

6) Lastly, I wanted to share this video.  
For two reasons.....

First, for all of  my sweet girls who attended Saturate 2012 this past weekend, when the world attacks this week, this song is a perfect reminder.  Let it uplift you!!!
Second, some of these lyrics have such incredible meaning to me right now!!!
This song is my prayer today ...especially these lyrics.

"Oh, Holy Spirit, You're my comfort.
Strengthen me, hold my head up high.
And I stand upon your Truth.
Bringing glory unto You.
And let the peace of God, let it reign.

Oh, Lord I hunger for more of You!
Rise up within me,
Let me know Your Truth.
Oh, Holy Spirit, saturate my soul
and let the peace of God, let it reign"

Have a great Tuesday!
It's time to me to get myself in gear and get it going.
Singing this song as a prayer continually today!

in HIM-

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Rita K said...

Simmer them in salted water til tender & serve drenched in butter - simple & delish. My DD from Hong Kong did them this way for Thanksgiving this year & got us hooked on them again - hadn't eaten them in years! My mom used to cook them to mush. . .Or cut in half or quarters & saute w some fresh garlic, season w salt & butter - easy.

Like the song - saved it! great reminder of this weekend!