Tuesday, March 27, 2012

These Girls

I'd love for you to meet these two girls!
This is Cassie and Jenny.
They are two of my favorite people in the whole world.

They are really, truly incredible young ladies!
I met them when they both {at different times} began working in our Nursery at church.
Jenny began working in our Nursery about two years ago and Cassie about a year and a half ago. {forgive me if I'm wrong, girls. Feel free to correct me.  I still have Mommy brain}.....
Over the past two years, as they worked in our Nursery and then began babysitting for me outside of the Nursery, I have gotten to know them much better.
I've had the privilege of watching both of them grow closer to God and become authentic followers of Christ in that time.  
I am so proud of them both for all they've done and who they've become in this time.  

They are really just amazing!
Two of the most responsible people their age that I have ever met.  Actually, they are more responsible than a LOT of adults I know.

Jenny is student teaching this semester and will graduate in May.
Cassie just graduated for WCU and is currently doing the job search thing. 
And even though they are so busy, they take the time to love on people all the time.
They love on my kids on a bi-weekly {and sometimes much, much, more often} basis.
They show me their love in so many ways.
They babysit for me at the drop of a hat
and they pray for me and are just my friends!

Tonight, these two girls treated me to a movie.
We saw The Hunger Games, of course.  

It was a great movie!
But mostly, I just relish the time spent with these two wonderful people!!!

Jenny and Cassie,  the two of you are two of the most incredible people I know.
And at such a young age!  Thanks for the gift of seeing THE movie tonight.
Thanks for the gift of seeing it with the two of you!
It is a blessing to know you!
I love you girls!

in HIM-

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