Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Sleepover and Miss Snaggletooth

Last night was another first in our house.  
We had a "big" sleepover.  
Each girl got to invite one friend to spend the night.  

Lillie and her friend, Lily.

Allie and her friend, McKenna.

Maggie and her friend, Bethany.

They ate pizza,  fruit salad, doughnut holes and a few cookies...

They sang Taylor Swift songs extremely loudly....
and watched movies.
and giggled a lot.

I think they finally went to sleep somewhere around 1 AM.
We got up this morning and had pancakes and bacon for breakfast.....
Then they played dress up.....little brother was involved, too.

Then went out side and played in the yard for a while before everyone had to go home.
Allie emailed me later this afternoon and said she had a great time.  She also said that she thought it would be a great idea if we did that {had a big sleepover} once a month.  

I think I just might be able to get on board with that.  
Brady is also begging to have a friend to sleepover next time.....
That I'm not as sure about.......

Oh, and this also happened today.....

Miss Lillie lost another tooth on top.
She has been missing the two top teeth for months  now.  And by months I mean like, at least 8....maybe even closer to a year.  And not she pulled a third one up there.
She's also missing two on the bottom....She's definitely looking like a "snaggletooth" as my Daddy says.
Bless her heart! I am hoping she starts getting some teeth sometime soon!!!!

That's what we've been up to today.
Now, I'm off to read The Hunger Games for a bit and then off to bed.
Don't forget to Spring Forward!!!

in HIM-


Tesha said...

I am a pastors wife from Kell's link up I know I was here yesterday but I can not remember if I left a comment. Such a cute sleep over I love little girls we have one and I cant wait for her to get a little bigger so we can do all of that fun stuff. Have A happy Sunday!

Laurie said...

How fun!

I need to see what this Hunger Games thing is all about. I've been avoiding it because everyone likes it and I want to be a rebel. Ha!