Thursday, March 22, 2012

A List

I'm tired with a capital T tonight so I am just going to give you a list.  
A list of things from today.......

1)  I did the Wii Just Sweat on Just Dance 3 today.
I had originally thought that for 4 "sweat drops"  I was burning 1 calorie.
I think I learned today that it is between 10 and 14 sweat drops.  Bummer! 
I thought I was doing so well!!
OH, well.  
I had a lot of fun dancing with this guy!

2) We had our first Grilled Salmon for supper tonight.  With Broccoli and Baked Sweet Potatoes.  
It was healthy and delicious!!  
I love grilling when the weather gets warm!

3)  Tonight was our girls Elementary School's Talent Show.  These two were in it with their classes.

 This is Lillie when I dropped her off in her classroom.
 This is the kids from her class who were able to be there for the performance tonight.  
 Maggie's class started the whole show off right with a musical number
that they played.
It was called "The Sun" and the kids played instruments that they play in music class at school

 My Mags!
 Lillie's class did a great rendition of "Footloose".
 They were great!

4)  A package arrived for me from White House Black Market today.  Funny how that always makes me happy!  I adore that store.  Do you?

5)  I really wanted to sign Brady up for tee ball this year.  {I have a thing for baseball}.
But, in this county you have to be 5 to play t-ball.  Is that normal?
I remember my brother playing younger than that.
I thought for sure he could play at!

That's it.
It's been a  good Thursday.  
Now I'm off to finish reading The Hunger Games.
Since I am too old for midnight movies.......

in HIM-

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Ken said...

Please remind everyone of who does the grilling at our house.