Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Favorite Food Blogs

I like to fancy myself a foodie.
I really love good food!

 I am on a mission to eat at all kinds of incredibly awesome restaurants.

I might even have been known to ask to plan vacations around a city that has good food.....
Cities like Charleston and New Orleans!

I also am on a mission to cook really good food.  Combined with the wish to cook really good food is the desire to cook very healthy food for my family. {which they sometimes rebel against because they are ALL so darn picky}.

Anyways,  I thought I would share with you today a few great food blogs I've run across lately that I can't wait to  gather recipes to try on my victims family.

1. Mind Your Bees And Trees.  This is an awesome food blog. There are many, many great recipes.  I'm going to try all five of her favorite turkey burgers and loads of other !

2. Smitten Kitchen -- While browsing MYBT, I found that she also made her own burger buns.  She got the recipe from this awesome site.  I'm DEFINITELY making these homemade buns.

3. A Farmgirl Dabbles  On my list of things try is this slow cooker chili and some homemade peeps.  They look yummy and so cute!!

So, are you a foodie?
 Aside from pinterest {which is awesome} where do you get your recipes?
What food blogs do you love?

Hope you enjoy checking out my new favs!!
in HIM-

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