Saturday, March 3, 2012

Father Daughter Dance 2012

I've been absent for the past week.....
Not because I have nothing to say.
I always have something to say.
I am working on that.
Partly, it was because I was spending the whole week trying to clean off my hard drive and upload pictures to a place on the web so that I could upload new pictures.

A week ago,  our church helped host the 5th Annual Father/Daughter Dance.

We did it in our churches Christian Life Center (aka ...the gym).
Decorations were minimal but very valentine- ish!

The little girls in our town have come to look forward to this dance.  
It is really loads of fun.

This is our friend, Al and his sweet little girl, Miss O!
Al wore his tux to escort his sweet girl to the party.

I have helped with this event for a few years now, but this was the first year that I have been able to help run the event.
I loved watching my girls dance with their Daddy.

Especially watching Lillie dance on her Daddy's feet. 

This is Miss Maggie dancing....
love this picture!

And I really love this one.
This is Maggie and her Daddy doing a little John Travolta dancing!  

Allie was super busy dancing with her friends this year.  The girls had made a train and were dancing around the room at this point.

Another of my favs from the night.  Last dance was a slow dance for Daddy's and girls.
This is our friend John and sweet Polly.  

AND my most fav of the whole night.  The last slow dance.  
All of my girls dancing with hubs.

It was really a super fun night. 
I learned so much about what we should do differently next year.
The first of which is we should have more food.
The food (and we had a LOT)
was gone 12 minutes after the dance began.....
I'm not joking.  

A great time was had by all, though
and I can't wait for next year!!!

in HIM-


Deidre said...

So sweet! I love their dresses. Your girls are getting BIG. I know, it's bittersweet. They are beautiful.

Ginger said...

You did a great job! The girls look so pretty & I love the pics of them dancing!! :)