Saturday, March 24, 2012

Brunch With The Bunny 2012

 Today was our churches Brunch With The Bunny.
It was a great morning!

The kids had pancakes for breakfast and then headed off to hear about the Easter Story through interactive  stations.

The first station was all about Palm Sunday.  
They heard the story of Jesus riding into Jerusalem and made their own palm branches to wave.

 I wondered about who decided to give my three year old a pair of scissors to cut with but he did a great job!!!
 After that, the kids went on to Station #2 where they learned about The Last Supper.
First by enjoying some crackers and grape juice.

They then talked about Jesus washing the disciples feet 
and took turns washing one another's hands.  

In Station #3, Miss Lorraine told them all about Jesus in the garden.

 Mr. Scott was the craft man today and helped the kids as they made their own flower to take with them from the garden.....
 Listening to the story of Jesus in the Garden.

 They then met our Angel who told them about Jesus' crucifixion.
You can't tell in this picture because I turned on the flash but the kids were sitting in the dark listening to this story.....
 Then they went into the light where they learned of Jesus's Resurrection and put their flowers on the cross!
 Of course, the bunny was a hit!!!
 Then it was time for the Egg Hunt!
 Whose ready to hunt eggs?!?!?


 This sweet boy loved the bunny!!!!

While we were cleaning up after the event, I got these pictures......
Lillie and Miss Polly are such sweet friends!

Pretty girls!

We then came back to our house where the girls spent time trading candy!

This is a great event!!!
If you are local and missed it, know that you were missed!!!!

in HIM-

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