Thursday, February 23, 2012

Vero Beach - Part 2

In the second half of our week away, we

spent some more time at the beach!!!

We took a day trip to Legoland....
Legoland was great fun.   There were lots of rides there.
This is my favorite picture I took all day that day.  It was on the "big hill" of one of the rollercoasters.
I really wish you could blow this one up even bigger and see Allie and Lillie's faces.  Priceless!!!

 This was Brady's favorite ride.
It bounced you up and down.
This was the first bounce.  You can tell he is a little scared but
after one bounce he loved it!

 There were many things made of legos.
Some that even talked.
This camel blew and huffed and the little man
talked, too.

They even had a lego city.
Where many cities in America were recreated using Legos.


The White House.
With the Obama family....

And for all the Star Wars Fans {like Uncle Tim}
Darth Vader....

And R2D2.....

The group of us on the way out with Max the Lego Boy....

The rest of the week was spent at the pool
Days spent at the beach and the bpool were WONDERFUL!!!!

A family shot on our last day....

 The very last night, we went to a campfire and singalong at the Resort.
Lots of fun songs and S'mores.....

We really had an excellent, restful vacation.
I'm longing to go back already!!!!

in HIM-


Jennifer said...

Carson would have clapped, screamed with joy and fainted on the spot if he got to see the Lego Darth Vader. I am showing him these pictures when he gets home today. Looks like you had an incredible time and you did a fantastic job of capturing it with your camera as always. Welcome back!

Ginger said...

The pic of Allie & Lillie on the roller coaster literally made me Laugh out LOUD!! Hilarious!! I'll make sure Tim sees the Star Wars pics. :)

Wendy said...

I told my boys about the Lego pictures. They want to see them! They are begging to go to Disney World just for Lego Land.