Sunday, February 5, 2012

Who I Want to Be!

  Hubs has been doing a sermon series called "Blind Spots".  Things that we tend to believe that we might should reconsider.....Today's sermon was called "Membership Has it Privileges".  Now, when I first looked at the bulletin today, I thought that he someone had misspelled the word "privilege".  I  could've sworn there was a 'd' in that word......  Good thing someone had a phone to google that spelling for me.  Now, I will never misspell the word privilege again.  =)
The sermon was EXCELLENT.....and very convicting.  Hubs said that Jesus didn't call us to be members he called us to be disciples.  ......ouch. And while being a disciple does come with some incredible privileges {JESUS!}, it also comes with responsibilities.  Jesus laid them out for us in Matthew 16: 24-25.

 Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. 25 For whoever wants to save their life[f]will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it

To be a disciple of Jesus we have to
A. Deny ourselves.......Deny our own desires and put Jesus' desires first. always.  
Take the focus off ourselves and put HIM in the center.  

B. Take up our cross......the cross was a place of pain, hardship and torture for Jesus.  
I tend to run and balk at pain, hardship and torture.  
Jesus willingly carried his cross up Golgotha's hill and then was crucified there for me.
Who am I to balk at doing the same for my savior?

C.  Lose our own life.......meaning doing what he has called me to do regardless of what I might choose to do or want to do.  Stop trying to get my own way.....

Which bring me to the bible study I'm leading right now.....Jonah by Priscilla Shirer.....We are about halfway through our study of Jonah and tonight's video was full of good stuff.   One thing she said at the end was this: "The world does not need just Christians - it needs people who are redeemed and changed".   I think that goes right along with being a disciple.  Easy to say we are Christians -- much different to be really changed and live as a true disciple who never stops learning and and allowing the Holy Spirit to sanctify them.   Goodness the Lord had a lot to talk to me about today.  No doubt.  And while I am not thrilled with what it is he had to say to me today, I understand it.  I want NOTHING more than to be a true disciple.  Authentically following Jesus.  Continually allowing the Holy Spirit to sanctify me from the inside out!
Let it be, Lord! Let it be!!!

  This video expresses how I feel tonight perfectly!!!

"Your will above all else, my purpose remains. The art of losing myself in bringing you praise.....
In my heart and my soul, Lord, I give you control. Consume me from the inside out...."

Lord, I pray that my purpose will always remain Your will above all else.  I pray that I will be authentic.  That I will be more than "just a Christian".  That I will be Your disciple.  That I will never stop learning, never quinch your Spirit so that I will continue to grow and be sanctified and become more like you. Now, tonight, Lord I lay my fears at your feet.  I will follow you where ever you lead.  In my heart and my soul, Loud - I give you control.  Please, consume me from the inside out!

This is my prayer tonight.
And this is what God had to say to me today.
 Maybe it'll speak to you, too!

in HIM-


LeeAnne Curtis said...

Excellent post. It is so hard to lay control at the Lord's feet, but when you do, the feeling is such an overwhelming one.

He & Me + 3 said...

Amen. I too want to be more than just a Christian, but His Disciple a follower of Him. Great post.