Sunday, February 26, 2012


This morning in worship our band shared this song.  

It REALLY spoke to me this morning.  
David Crowder Band is awesome!!!

This place is trying to break my belief 
But my faith is bigger than all I can see 
What I need is redemption 
What I need is for You for to put me back on my feet 

Whoa oh ohhh oh oh
Whoa oh ohhh oh oh oh

I swear I'm trying to give everything 
But I fear I'm falling, oh make me believe 
What I need is resurrection 
What I need is for You to put me back on my feet 

Incredible lyrics!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Vero Beach - Part 2

In the second half of our week away, we

spent some more time at the beach!!!

We took a day trip to Legoland....
Legoland was great fun.   There were lots of rides there.
This is my favorite picture I took all day that day.  It was on the "big hill" of one of the rollercoasters.
I really wish you could blow this one up even bigger and see Allie and Lillie's faces.  Priceless!!!

 This was Brady's favorite ride.
It bounced you up and down.
This was the first bounce.  You can tell he is a little scared but
after one bounce he loved it!

 There were many things made of legos.
Some that even talked.
This camel blew and huffed and the little man
talked, too.

They even had a lego city.
Where many cities in America were recreated using Legos.


The White House.
With the Obama family....

And for all the Star Wars Fans {like Uncle Tim}
Darth Vader....

And R2D2.....

The group of us on the way out with Max the Lego Boy....

The rest of the week was spent at the pool
Days spent at the beach and the bpool were WONDERFUL!!!!

A family shot on our last day....

 The very last night, we went to a campfire and singalong at the Resort.
Lots of fun songs and S'mores.....

We really had an excellent, restful vacation.
I'm longing to go back already!!!!

in HIM-

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wednesday 2012

Today is Ash Wednesday which is the first day of Lent

Lent is the 40 days (excluding Sundays) before Easter.
Sundays are not included because each Sunday is a mini celebration of Jesus' resurrection. More on Lent to come. Back to Ash Wednesday.

A lot of different Protestant denominations do not hold Ash Wednesday Services but the United Methodist Church does.  At our Ash Wednesday Services we are called to think of our own sinfulness and the things that are blocking our relationship with the Lord.
Tonight, we started  with this prayer of reproach.

We haven't heard your silence, Lord.
We haven't been still long enough to notice 
Our minds have been running faster than our feet.
Even when we are stopped we still go on.
Slow us, O Lord.
Slow us to your silence.
Let you enter us.
Let us stop.
Let us rest.
Let us weep.
Let us be cleansed by your Holy Silence.
Amongst the noise that we have created within us. 

Right there, I was struck.  
I knew God was speaking to me.  
I haven't been still enough to notice His silence.
I was very convicted in that moment of the busy -ness in my life.  
I have had a week.  I had a meeting on Monday night, two meetings last night, church service tonight, a meeting for church tomorrow evening and then book club, and then an event that is being sponsored by the church to work on ALL day Friday. 
I've been jokingly saying all week that I've got too many iron's in the fire.
Tonight, I know that it isn't a joke.  

Hubs gave a great meditation on ways that we pretend to be things we aren't .  The things we hide and act like we aren't doing.  
After his message, we were invited to Name our sins - our areas of pretending - the things we wanted to give God and write them on a piece of paper.  I had several -- one of which was my busy-ness.  
Then we were invited to Nail our sins to the cross.  Very powerful symbolism.  And then spend some time in prayer at the alter.  

Lastly, we received the ashes on our foreheads in the shape of a cross.  
Ashes are a symbol of purification and penitence in the Bible.  

 Although it is a very serious and somber kind of service, it is also a very powerful one.

Lent is a a time of repentance and spiritual renewal before Easter.
A lot of people "fast" from something during Lent.
The purpose of fasting from something is that when they crave that "something" that they would focus on God and what he has done for us on the cross instead.
This is a good thing when it is truly a time of fasting and refocusing on God.
It is not a good thing when it is ritual for ritual's sake.   {THAT is a pet peeve for me, I suppose.}

So, I was already contemplating what I was going to "do" for Lent this year....whether or not  I would give something up.  And after hearing God speak of my "busy- ness" ever more clearly tonight, I know what to do.
My busyness has kept me from spending time with God in His Word in times when it is just about being with HIM and being quiet with HIM.
Instead of giving something up, I am going to spend time in HIS Word .  I am going to work on memorizing some scriptures that have to do with the other areas of pretending that I gave to God tonight.  I want this Lenton Season to be a true season of repentance and preparation for me.  Will ya'll help hold me accountable for what I'm saying?  
It's going to be hard, but I'm committed and with HIS help, I can do it!  

This last picture is just fun.
After the service we were hanging out in our Asbury Room and there were leftover pancakes (from our Shrove Tuesday supper) on the counter.
These people decided to enjoy a few more.....

Hope your Ash Wednesday was as meaningful as mine.  
Here is to 40 days of quiet time in HIS WORD for the sake of being with him and being fully prepared for the  celebration of Easter to come!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's Fat Tuesday!!!

Did you know that this day actually is a  Christian day ?

This day is also called Shrove Tuesday.
Check out it's meaning here......

Now, go enjoy some pancakes because at midnight 
Lent begins!!!!

If you are a local, you can come out to  FUMC tomorrow night.  We will be eating pancakes to celebrate  Shrove  Tuesday at 5:30PM.
To be immediately followed by our Ash Wednesday Service.  

in HIM-

Monday, February 20, 2012

Vero Beach Vacation - Part 1

Last Sunday, the family and I  left for a much needed vacation to Florida.
I cannot tell you how much I was looking forward to getting away.....
We drove to Savannah, GA on Sunday and had supper with some friends.
Then stayed in a hotel for the night.
We got up on Monday morning and drove the rest of the way to Vero Beach, FL.  
This is how Brady traveled.....

We arrived at The Disney Resort in Vero Beach at about 4PM.  
We checked into our villa and headed to the beach.  

 It was only about 66 on Monday afternoon so we didn't stay out there long.
But everyone enjoyed it!
I heart this picture!

 This is the girls and our awesome friend, Cassie.
Cassie came to stay with us and help with the kids.
She was more help than she can ever know!
And the kids LOVED having her there!

That evening, we went to a character dinner that was Pirate themed.
We got to see Goofy....

 And Donald......
Such a fun night!

On Tuesday, we spent the morning at the Environmental Learning Center of Vero Beach.
We got to play in the touch tank,

 Learn about Manatees and lots of other things....

This kind gentleman walked around with us and gave us lots of information!

play some fun games.....

and walk lots of trails.....

We spent the afternoon at the pool!

The "kiddie" area --- a Pirate ship!

The big pool was of course, shaped like Mickey and had this awesome lighthouse slide.
ALL of my kids loved it.  

I will be back tomorrow to share with you what else we did while in Florida last week.

in HIM-

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Who I Want to Be!

  Hubs has been doing a sermon series called "Blind Spots".  Things that we tend to believe that we might should reconsider.....Today's sermon was called "Membership Has it Privileges".  Now, when I first looked at the bulletin today, I thought that he someone had misspelled the word "privilege".  I  could've sworn there was a 'd' in that word......  Good thing someone had a phone to google that spelling for me.  Now, I will never misspell the word privilege again.  =)
The sermon was EXCELLENT.....and very convicting.  Hubs said that Jesus didn't call us to be members he called us to be disciples.  ......ouch. And while being a disciple does come with some incredible privileges {JESUS!}, it also comes with responsibilities.  Jesus laid them out for us in Matthew 16: 24-25.

 Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. 25 For whoever wants to save their life[f]will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it

To be a disciple of Jesus we have to
A. Deny ourselves.......Deny our own desires and put Jesus' desires first. always.  
Take the focus off ourselves and put HIM in the center.  

B. Take up our cross......the cross was a place of pain, hardship and torture for Jesus.  
I tend to run and balk at pain, hardship and torture.  
Jesus willingly carried his cross up Golgotha's hill and then was crucified there for me.
Who am I to balk at doing the same for my savior?

C.  Lose our own life.......meaning doing what he has called me to do regardless of what I might choose to do or want to do.  Stop trying to get my own way.....

Which bring me to the bible study I'm leading right now.....Jonah by Priscilla Shirer.....We are about halfway through our study of Jonah and tonight's video was full of good stuff.   One thing she said at the end was this: "The world does not need just Christians - it needs people who are redeemed and changed".   I think that goes right along with being a disciple.  Easy to say we are Christians -- much different to be really changed and live as a true disciple who never stops learning and and allowing the Holy Spirit to sanctify them.   Goodness the Lord had a lot to talk to me about today.  No doubt.  And while I am not thrilled with what it is he had to say to me today, I understand it.  I want NOTHING more than to be a true disciple.  Authentically following Jesus.  Continually allowing the Holy Spirit to sanctify me from the inside out!
Let it be, Lord! Let it be!!!

  This video expresses how I feel tonight perfectly!!!

"Your will above all else, my purpose remains. The art of losing myself in bringing you praise.....
In my heart and my soul, Lord, I give you control. Consume me from the inside out...."

Lord, I pray that my purpose will always remain Your will above all else.  I pray that I will be authentic.  That I will be more than "just a Christian".  That I will be Your disciple.  That I will never stop learning, never quinch your Spirit so that I will continue to grow and be sanctified and become more like you. Now, tonight, Lord I lay my fears at your feet.  I will follow you where ever you lead.  In my heart and my soul, Loud - I give you control.  Please, consume me from the inside out!

This is my prayer tonight.
And this is what God had to say to me today.
 Maybe it'll speak to you, too!

in HIM-

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Valentines 2012

This afternoon, the kids and I made their valentines for school.
I got all of these ideas from Pinterest this year.  Don't you love it?!?!

Allie is at that age.   You know, she's become a tween.
And due to that it was very important that her valentines not say anything that would even slightly make it seem that she likes someone.  We searched and searched.
She finally settled on these bag toppers that we found over at Living Locurto.  

 Also due to her age, she wanted to do it ALL herself.
Which was fine by me so she cut everything out herself.
I didn't get a picture of her cutting them out.  
The only thing I did was fold the bag toppers.
She filled the bags and stapled them on.

She and I were both happy with the results.  
Adorable and not too personal!!!

Miss Maggie chose the most traditional valentines.
As well as the easiest of the four choices to actually do.
She cut most of them out but I helped some....

 These cuties are from

 Because everyone else was using candy,
Maggie wanted to add candy to her valentines.
So, she taped suckers to the back of her cards.

Lillie chose the most time involved valentines.

 These came from Skip To My Lou.

They are butterflies made with blow pops and googly eyes...

 They turned out just adorable, too!

This little boy is quite into superhero's these days....

So, he chose superhero valentines to make.  
They were the hardest to cut out.  

 My left thumb is still not happy about the right handed scissors I used....
This idea came from Pinterest, of course, but the actual directions were here.

But, this smile was worth it.
And you have to admit, they are cute!

SO, we are ready to take these to school.
So glad that we got it done today.
And sooooo happy with out results.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Pinterest!

in HIM-