Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why We Exist and other Thursday Thoughts!

I'm just busy, busy this week doing a million and one things. 
My hands and my mind are working 90 miles a minute to get it all done.  
Here's what I'm working and thinking on!

1.  I'm putting the final touches on stuff I've been making for my step-sister's baby shower this weekend.   Here's a tiny sneak peek of the banner I finished last night from my phone.  
I would show you lots more pictures (better pictures from my camera) but my computer has decided to forget that it has a card reader and nothing I do seems to make it remember.  I even went and bought a card reader that attaches by cord to the computer through a USB port.  It STILL won't read the card.  Which is strange because we can put the pics on a jump drive and then get them on my computer.  Just won't read anything to do with the card. Needless to say, it makes uploading pictures to my computer a pain ....

2. Which reminds me.  Any tech savvy person out there have any ideas for me on how to solve said computer issue?

3.  Due to the upcoming baby shower on Saturday, the kids and I are headed to Georgia tomorrow sometime.  It's supposed to snow here tonight a little.  The snow might not be a problem but apparently, due to the sudden and extreme temperature drop that is to occur this evening, we are going to experience flash freezing around here.  
That could pose a problem for our travelling tomorrow.

4. Today is my Lillie's birthday.  She is 7.  I love my sweet, sassy 1st grader so much!!!
She is one of a kind and I love her for it.  Brady and I are about to eat lunch and get ourselves ready so we can go to Lillie's class and take a cookie cake (her request) this afternoon.  
We will then have a celebratory supper at Zaxby's  just for her tonight.
Next, weekend she gets to have a sleepover with a friend for her birthday.  

5. I plan on taking loads of pictures at these two events.
The fact that my computer has decided to go awry is so tiresome!

6.  I have a new bible study starting next week!  We will be doing Jonah by Priscilla Shirer.  
I cannot wait!  I know that the Lord has much to teach us and I cannot wait to get started.
Now, I just gotta find time to make a trip to Asheville to get the books. =)  That's tentatively on my agenda for next Tuesday.

7. That makes me wonder.  Is Lifeway Bookstore open on Martin Luther King Day?  Maybe I can make a trip over on Monday instead......???  Hmmmm.

8. I'm also working feverishly on Saturate 2012.  
This is our Women's Retreat for this year that is coming up in March.  
It's all about being saturated by the Holy Spirit.
I have not one, but two, amazing  ladies coming to speak and we are traveling back to Pigeon Forge, TN.  
It is going to be a blast!!!!

9.  I'm also working on a Father/Daughter Dance.  All I can say about this right now is that there is MUCH, MUCH, MUCH to be done in 4 weeks time.
My eye is beginning to twitch just thinking about all we have to accomplish.  

10. One last thing.  Last night, our regular Wednesday Night Gathering Meals began at church. Since the new studies don't begin until next week, Hubs did a short program on "What is the Church?"  It was a great program.  He showed this video and I wanted to share it with you all because it says so much! 

"Why  We Exist"

WE are the church. People are the church.
WE are the church.  
Our church doesn't exist just for us....
it's for the change the world.

We are the church.

Food for thought.  
Yep, lots of things on my mind today.  
What's on yours?

in HIM-

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Angie Vik said...

Love the video. Short but powerful. Sounds like you have a lot of good things on your plate. Just put one foot in front of the other and prayerfully do the next thing.