Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Memorable Moments {from Last Week}

1. Transformation of  a Penguin! 
Lillie has been learning about penguins in her class at school.
She had a homework assignment to disguise the penguin.
We thought it would be a good idea to make him into a box of popcorn.

Begin by cutting out the shape of a popcorn box out of card stock.
Then draw lines and color.
Add the word popcorn!

Glue on the popcorn
We did learn that glue sticks didn't work.
Real Elmer's glue is necessary.

 This is one well disguised penguin!!

2. Gifts for Val!
Our friends were headed off on a 10-year Anniversary Cruise last week.
It was so much fun thinking of what to put in a basket full of goodies for her!
I love giving surprises!!!

My friend, Val, is one of our amazing singers in our Praise Band.
So we ambushed at the end of practice.
She was so surprised!!!

And I think she liked it!  

Kandi, me, Val and Jenny.....
the three of us had the best time putting this gift together and surprising our friend!

 3. Watching Brady play cars.....

 He has a load of them......

and he loves them.....

4. Getting the BEST DEAL EVER!!!

Seriously, I got this sign for 90% off!!!!
It was $3.85!!!!
I am NOT lying!
 And, bonus!!!
It is double - sided!!! 
Total Awesomeness!

5. Our first sleep over!!
It was such fun -- there will be many more!

It was a great week!
What memorable moments do you have from last week?

in HIM-


Wendy said...

Cute penguin idea! Brady looks just like Heath in the picture of him with the car. cute!

Lisa said...

Super sweet! We miss you guys so much! Love B sticking out his tongue in the last picture! HA!

Angie Vik said...

Love your new sign. You got a great deal. That's such a good idea to have words on both sides.