Saturday, August 27, 2011

365.29- 365.34

So, I haven't been very good at this Project 365 thing to begin with. Then summer happened and things got crazy and all of a sudden I haven't participated in the project for 6 weeks.
SO, I'm not going to give you 6 weeks worth of daily pictures, but I am going to tell you what has keep us so busy in the last six weeks.
First, around July 20th --- I spend about a week getting ready for the Community VBS that we were having. Then the next week, was the actual event.
It was a LOT of work but a lot of fun and we plan combining efforts and having a Community VBS next year.

After our VBS, we made a short trip to Georgia and visited family at the beginning of August.
Miss Maggie had a birthday party once we arrived there at Nana's house.

We came home just in time to prepare for school to start back.
We drove over the mountains to the Outlet Malls in Pigeon Forge to do some last minute back to school shopping.
This is shot I got on the way home that evening coming back over the mountain.
We went swimming at a friends house one much fun.
Hoping to go again soon.
And then, it was August 11 and time for school to start back....

The following week, B and I took a walk up to the New Library.
It was built behind the Historic Courthouse in the downtown area of our little town.
Isn't it pretty?
At the end of last week (Friday - Aug. 19- Sat. Aug.20) , I too a trip to Charlotte, NC
with a couple of ladies from church for a Operation Christmas Child Event.
We went to eat at The Cheesecake Factory in and did some shopping at South Park Mall, too.
This brings me to last week....let's see what we did last week.
8.21.11 - Sunday.... Along with a few others from the Children's Committee at our church went to visit an awesome church in Asheville to see their Children's Worship.
It was amazing!
8.22.11 - Monday....On Monday Allie had surgery on her mouth so Papa came to stay with Brady for the day. I think they had a great time together!
And praise the Lord, Allie is fine!
8.23.11 - Tuesday.... Me and B on my less harried day of the week(last week anyways).
8.24.11 - Wednesday....didn't get a picture....
8.25.11 - Thursday.... I hosted bookclub at my house.
This was my cheese plate.
It was really good!!!!
8.26.11 -Friday.... Mr. B turned 3.....This is an outtake from yesterday's pics....
8.27.11 - Saturday....Today was the first games of Fall Soccer season.
Then we had a small Family Party for Mr.Brady. He was allowed to have one friend
come. His friend was Miss Olivia.
Here is my favorite picture of them from the day....

We've been busy!
What have your been up to????
in HIM-

Friday, August 26, 2011

He's Three!!

This little truck driving...
Kitten chasing.....
adorable boy who we love so much....
is three today!

Tomorrow brings a family party. More presents and fun then!
in HIM-

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Forgiving = The Hardest Thing Ever!

Lately, I've been reminded of how hard it is to really forgive.
I mean truly forgive..... It's like just when I *think* I've let go of something and laid it at his throne, something happens -- a reminder, another little jab of some kind, another hurt -- and bam, I'm right there in the place again. Realizing that either I never really laid it down to begin with or I laid it down and picked it up again so fast that my head should be spinning.

And then, there are the times when I start feeding the unforgiveness....which, truth be told, turns into a longing for revenge and retaliation.

I've been struggling with truly forgiving a lot lately. All these little jabs and reminders seem to come fast and furious. A friend of mine reminded me to pray ---so I have been attempting to remember to stop and pray instead of picking that hurt back up and letting it fester inside me.

Today, God had me read about Joseph and his brothers. I was enjoying reading a favorite old story and then I came to this....

"Then Joseph said to his brothers, “Come close to me.” When they had done so, he said, “I am your brother Joseph, the one you sold into Egypt! And now, do not be distressed and do not be angry with yourselves for selling me here, because it was to save lives that God sent me ahead of you. For two years now there has been famine in the land, and for the next five years there will be no plowing and reaping. 7 But God sent me ahead of you to preserve for you a remnant on earth and to save your lives by a great deliverance." (Genesis 45: 4-7)

...and I was struck by how Joseph was able to forgive and how unable to forgive I am. Joseph was able to look past what his brothers had done to him to what GOD was doing in and through him. That is the kind of person I want to be. I know that forgiveness is a process and that it is gradual, but if I continue picking up the hurt, I will never get there....

Lord God,
Change my heart, oh God. I want to be like you.....Help me to lay down this hurt at Your throne and help me stop picking it up again. Instead, Lord, when I feel like picking up the hurt and letting it grow in me, help me to pray. Help me to pray for those who hurt me. Help me to love. Give me YOUR Holy love for those who hurt me. Help me to remember Joseph and his brothers and to become like him. Help me to see past the hurt to what YOU are doing in my life. Amen

in HIM -

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Respite in the Harriedness!

Life has been incredibly busy as of late. We were crazy busy the last couple of weeks before school started. {Hopefully, I will get back here to share what in the world has kept us so busy very soon....Tomorrow even.} Now that school has started back, life has gotten even more crazy busy....if that is possible.
Right now, our afternoons/ evenings look like this ....
Mondays - Allie - ballet 4:15-5:15 PM
Lillie - ballet/tap 6:00 - 6:45 PM
Tuesdays - Maggie tap/jazz 4-5 PM
Wednesdays - church activities from 6 - 8:30 PM
Thursdays - Maggie and Lillie Soccer Practice - 6:30-7:30PM
Allie Soccer Practice - 6:45- 7:45PM
Fridays --- a small bit of heaven and quiet hopefully most nights
{though not lately}
Saturdays - Soccer Games until Mid October
Sundays - church, a bit a of rest and lunch, bible study
Whew! Makes me tired just thinking about it. But tonight ended up being a nice relaxed evening. Maggie did have dance but even that was unharried tonight. After dance, I made Homemade Vegetable Soup and Cheese Toast for supper {Camp Lookout folks, don't you miss Veggie Soup and Cheese Toast once a week?!?! =) }
And then we got every one bathed and to bed. And I am on my way to bed now.
In light of our crazy schedule, I'm thanking the Lord for this restful evening and an early bedtime for me!
Good Night!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Faith and Fear

Tonight, there are a few thunderstorms rolling though our area. My kids are all very afraid of thunder/lightening, but Brady is especially afraid of it. I know it was no accident that when I was putting them to bed tonight and doing their devotions with them, that they were all about Jesus being with them.
I put Brady to bed first. His devotion was about how Jesus is with you when you are afraid.
It was thundering outside and I thought "THIS is perfect! We will talk about Jesus being with him and that he shouldn't be afraid of the thunder and he will go right on to sleep"

Well, that's not what happened. Not at all.

I finished the devotion and we said a prayer that Jesus would be with him always and that he wouldn't be afraid. At this point, Brady was laying on my leg and I could see the tears welling up in his eyes and his little lip poking out. I asked,

"What is wrong, Buddy?"

"I cared of tund-oy"
"It's okay, Buddy! Who is watching over you?"

He answered correctly, "Je ssuuuss" but he was still upset. So, I tucked him in with still quivering lips and tears still in his eyes and told him I would be back in a few minutes after I got the girls in bed.

I went upstairs and did the girls devotions with them. Which, btw, were also about God being with them during scary things (Allie's) and even to the end of the age (Maggie and Lillie's). I find that to be NO accident! They were not as scared as Brady so they were ok with going to bed....mostly because the thunder wasn't that bad, tonight.

But Brady,was NOT ok. He was crying and calling me over and over again.

I finally made it back down to him and spent the next 20 minutes until the thunder was fully gone laying with him and rubbing his back so he would go to sleep.

Then I got to thinking how like Brady I am alot of the time. We had just talked about how Jesus was watching over him and that Jesus was taking care of him. He knew the right answers. He understood....yet he was still (visibly) scared.

Fear is something I struggle with on a regular basis. And *I* KNOW the right answers. I know that He is always with me even to the end of the age. I know He is taking care of me and that He is in control of all things. I know how many times God tells us not to be afraid and yet, I'm still afraid.

Tonight, I'm praying that the Lord will truly let my children have peace and not be afraid of the thunder. And I'm praying that I can concur my struggle with fear.

One of the things that seemed to help Brady feel better was having me be with him for a while.....I know that is what I need to do, too.

I'm going to spend some time with my Lord. The Lord who casts out fear!

in HIM-

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Faith In Action

This morning, my awesome preacher hubby spoke on the what true faith is. Hebrews 11 is known as "The Hall of Faith".
Hebrews 11:1-2 says " Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. This is what the ancients were commended r."
Hubs said today that faith is more than a set of beliefs.
James 2:19-20 says this "You say you have faith, for you believe that there is one God.[a] Good for you! Even the demons believe this, and they tremble in terror. 20 How foolish! Can’t you see that faith without good deeds is useless?"
He said that Faith is a trust and a confidence in God. BUT, it is also a deliberate act.
Therefore, true faith is trust, attitude, conviction and conduct based on a relationship with God.
If you go on to read the rest of Hebrews 11, you'll read about all sorts of amazing people who believed God for the things that they couldn't see and acted because of it. There's Abraham, who when God said to him "Go!" without telling him where, believed God and went. There's Noah, who believed and acted by building an ark when God warned him about the flood that was to come. That's just two of the many people mentioned in this chapter.
As I study more and more of what it is God is calling me to do and be as a believer, I have come to believe that truly having faith is more than just giving lip service to Jesus. It is about truly being a follower and truly doing the things that God calls us to do in His Word. We have to put our faith into action. Faith in action = love!!
Hubs told a story today of a man named Kris Hogan who is a football coach at a private Christian High School in Grapevine, Texas. This man was truly putting his Faith into Action. Check it out!

For the folks from our church, I thought you might like to see this video of Coach Hogan and the kids being interviewed. Also, you can go here to see another short interview with Coach Hogan where he tells why he did this. He did it because of his faith!!!
Because faith in action like this inspires hope in people and it is what it means to truly love the way God loves!!! I believe whole-heartedly that only by putting our faith into action are we really being the true followers of Christ that we are called to be.
in HIM -

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A New School Year Begins

Today was the first day of school for my girls.
If you are thinking that I just wrote about getting out of school 6 weeks ago,
you would be correct. We did just get out of school about 6 weeks ago.
We had a very hard winter in this little mountain town so there were many, many snow make up days.
Combine that with the fact that we finally qualified {this year, of course} for the exemption from the law in NC that school can't start until August 25th and that makes for a super short summer.
SO, here we are.....

My Allis is a fourth grader this year....

My Maggie is in the 3rd grade.....

My Lillie is in the 1st grade.....
Everyone was excited to head off to school.
Even baby brother, who starts preschool tomorrow
but who, insisted on carrying his backpack this morning also.
I love this picture....

I know I've been MIA for a while....
Life has been nuts for many, many reasons
that hopefully I can come back and document here soon.
in HIM-