Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011

This year on Easter, I did something I have never been brave enough to do before.

I took the kids to the Sunrise Service.

And it wasn't bad. Not bad at all.

SO, I got myself up and mostly ready and then woke the kids at 6:00AM so they could see what was in their baskets.

I love to look on his face. He was so excited about everything!

His had two tshirts, a hat, "Matoy and Lightin Queen", a Thomas Movie and some candy. The girls really enjoyed going through their baskets, too.

I know that the basket is in her face, but I like the look on her face in this picture.

The girls got earrings, a movie: Allie got Because of Winn Dixie, Maggie got The Cat and The Hat, and Lillie got a Rockaberry Roll - a Strawberry Shortcake movie.

a tshirt.....

and a headband to match their Easter dresses.
and some candy...

I think they liked it!

After we had sufficiently looked at the spoils, we got dressed and headed out to the aforementioned service.

After the service, I took the kids to a local restaurant for breakfast.

A sweet couple from church had breakfast with us. It was such a nice time!

We them headed home and got dressed for church.
On our way out to church, our neighbor took a picture of the 5 of us - because {of course}

hubs was already at church.

After church, we had lunch with hubby's dad and wife.

After we had eaten and visited for a bit, they headed on home.

We rested for a bit and then had our own Egg Hunt with our neighbors.

Their grandchildren were in town, so we had a grand time.

Allie decided she was too big to hunt she helped hide!

Mr. Milt {our neighbor} helped hide the eggs too!

And they were off!!!!

Daddy hung out and talked with Mrs. Lucy {the other half of our neighbors}

Allie also helped the smaller kids get the eggs that were "too high"

out of the trees.

Miss Maggie

Little Mr. R.....

Miss Lillie

Do YOU see the hidden egg?

The aftermath.......

Our other neighbors, the M family came down to visit.

This is their sweet little boy. He and Brady hat their own "hunt".

Neither were very interested.

This is the 3 of them.

I really like this photo.

We really did have a wonderful Easter.

Next year, we are thinking of doing an Egg Hunt for the whole neighborhood.

Sounds fun, huh?

in HIM-

Monday, April 25, 2011

How To Be God's Princess

I have attended the Women of Faith Events several times in the past 10 years. I always love going to these events and I always love all of the speakers. So, I count it an absolute HONOR to have been invited to review a book written by Sheila Walsh. This book, How To Be God's Princess, is chock-ful of good advice for girls. Sheila gives Godly advice on a myriad of subjects. From how to dress modestly and appropriately and how to keep yourself clean to how to wear a tiara. And what princess do you know who doesn't want to know which tiara is best for the shape of their face? I really enjoyed this book and I absolutely love that Sheila is telling girls these things in light of the Word of God. I LOVE THAT. I also love the quizzes. They are so much fun!!
Perhaps, though, the thing that will tell you how great this book is in the best way is this. My 7 year old saw it when I received it in the mail and immediately took it and began reading it. I had to get it back from her to read it myself. She loves it. She told me not to lose her place while I was reading it because she wants to finish it. =) I think that speaks volumes about how wonderful this book will be for your daughters! Most little girls want to be a princess --so why not teach them how to be God's princess?

Thank you to LitFuse Publishing for providing these books to me to read, review and giveaway!About the book: How to Be God's Little Princess: Royal Tips of Manners and Etiquette for Girls
A fun guide book for God's little princesses. What does it take to be a princess? Sheila Walsh has some important answers to share for every little girl. This trendy design features black & white line art and a two-color pink and black interior. The art will tie to each how-to topic in the book-how to make the best pink cookies, how to wear a tiara, how to earn money at home, how to care for a royal dog, how to be respectful, how to use good manners, how to help Mom, how to follow Jesus, how to act like a princess when things go terribly wrong, and many more.

About Sheila: Sheila Walsh is the creator of the award-winning Gigi, God's Little Princess® brand which has sold over 1.5 million units. Sheila is also a powerful communicator, Bible teacher, and best-selling author with more than 4 million books sold. As a featured speaker with Women of Faith®, Sheila has reached more than 3.5 million women by artistically combining honesty, vulnerability, and humor with God's Word.

Author of the best-selling memoir Honestly and the Gold Medallion nominee for The Heartache No One Sees, Sheila's most recent release, The Shelter of God's Promises, has also been turned into a DVD curriculum and in-depth Bible study. The Gigi, God's Little Princess book and video series has won the National Retailer's Choice Award twice and is the most popular Christian brand for young girls in the United States. Sheila co-hosted The 700 Club and her own show Heart to Heart with Sheila Walsh. She is currently completing her Masters in Theology.

Link to buy the book:

Sheila Walsh is celebrating the release of How to Be God’s Little Princess with a KINDLE giveaway and Facebook Princess Tea Party!

“In How to Be God’s Little Princess, it’s my prayer that young girls will learn important life skills and discover for themselves how to navigate the do’s and don’ts of life. I want them to see that making wise decisions about clothes, friends, family, make-up, and more can be FUN! – Sheila Walsh

Read what people are saying here.

Sheila has put together a Princess prize package worth over $200!

One lucky winner will receive:

* A brand new KINDLE with Wi-Fi & New Pearl Screen
* How to Be God’s Little Princess (autographed copy)
* A Princess Tea Kit (includes princess backpack, tiara, book, jewelry making kit, & mug)

To enter click on entry ports below, then tell your friends! Hurry, giveaway ends 4/30! But wait! There’s more … On May 4th join Sheila at her Author Page on Facebook for the Princess Tea Party! She will announce the winner of the KINDLE, connect with readers and give away a ton of fun products from the Gigi and God’s Little Princess line! Tweens invited! Don’t miss the fun! She is looking forward to connecting and learning more about you – so be sure to stop by on May 4th at 5:00 PM PST (6 PM MST, 7 PM CST, & 8 PM EST).

ALSO!!!! Did you catch it up there above??? I was blessed to given an extra copy of this book to giveaway. DO you have a daughter who wants to be a princess and would love be God's Princess? Just leave me a message on this post telling me what you think the best part of being God's princess is! You can get extra entries by tweeting about this post or by becoming a follower of my blog. If you already are a follower, just let me know. Please leave a separate comment for each!! Giveaway ends at 11:59 PM on Sunday, May 1!

I know you are going to love this book. You don't want to miss it. Good luck!!

in HIM--

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Oh, Glorious Day!!!

Matthew 28:1-6
Early on Sunday morning,[a] as the new day was dawning, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went out to visit the tomb.
Suddenly there was a great earthquake! For an angel of the Lord came down from heaven, rolled aside the stone, and sat on it. His face shone like lightning, and his clothing was as white as snow. The guards shook with fear when they saw him, and they fell into a dead faint.
Then the angel spoke to the women. “Don’t be afraid!” he said. “I know you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He isn’t here! He is risen from the dead, just as he said would happen.

Christ is Risen, indeed! Oh, Glorious Day!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


This past week.......

Sunday- 4.17.11 - In Worship, Hubby focused on the Passion part of Palm/Passion Sunday.

Hubs brought an amazing message about our Lord on the Cross. How anyone could have heard that message and not have been moved is beyond me. I was a tear-streaked, hot mess when that service was over.

This is a picture of the cross with the crown of thorns that was placed on it. 4.18.11 - Monday.....A package had arrived from Nana and we finally had time to open it.

Chocolate bunnies all around!

4.19.11- Tuesday....Allie got to bring her dance costume home.
We tried it on immediately. She is a toy soldier.
I cannot wait to see my girls in the recital.

4.20.11 - Wednesday....As we were leaving church on Wednesday night,
the girls found where they had thrown out the extra ice.
They had great fun playing in it.
I know this picture is a little blurry but I love the looks on their faces.

4.21.11 - Thursday....Brady had his Easter party at Preschool.
He had a grand time!!!

4.22.11 - Friday.....We spent most of our day on Friday cleaning house....

This is one of my favorite spots in my house.

I love that lamp -- it was a birthday gift.

And I love the sign on the wall there, too!

4.23.11 - Saturday....Today was the Annual "Greening Up The Mountains" Festival in our little town.

Maggie's dance class danced and sang.

I loved this shot of Maggie "blowing out her gun" at the end of

"You Can't Get A Man With A Gun"....HA!

That's what we have been up to this week!

What have you been up to?

in HIM-

Friday, April 22, 2011

Carry His Cross

For Holy Week, my friend- Kellie - has been sharing a wonderful gift with me (and several others, too). She's been sending videos everyday as a devotional reflection each day.

Each video that she has sent has been incredibly powerful. This one, though, wow!

There's just something about this one......

It has really brought on to me the heaviness of this day, Good Friday.

My Lord and Saviour was beaten, crucified and died for ME. He took my sin. It is a gift that I don't and never will be able to deserve. SOOOOO thankful for HIS grace and mercy.

In this video, there comes a point where the Roman Soldier tells Simon of Cyrene to carry the cross for Jesus. Simon physically carried the cross that Jesus was to be crucified on. But at that moment I was overwhelmed with the statement "YOU! Carry His Cross!"

It reminded me of the call that I have to take up His cross and follow Him. Am I willing to do that? Leave my selfish ways behind and take up HIS cross and follow HIM?

Chances are that, as an American, I will never physically suffer as Jesus did for me. But am I willing to suffer in other ways?

Am I willing to suffer by bearing the cross when people say unkind things about me or others that I love by reacting the way Jesus did? Jesus said NOTHING when he was accused.

Am I willing to be ostracized by people ....intentionally or otherwise, as Jesus was?

Am I willing to love the way Jesus did? To love everyone?

Am I willing to go and be the hands and feet of God as Jesus was?

Am I willing to be like Jesus in countless other ways so that people see HIM in me?

Am I willing?

This morning, I'm struck by the heaviness of this day.

Not only because of what Jesus did for me, but by what that means I'm called to do in return. Yes, Jesus died on the cross as a gift for me. I never have and never will earn it. But that gift he gave demands a response. Am. I. willing?!!?

Are you willing?

Luke 9:23 (New Living Translation)
Then he said to the crowd, “If any of you wants to be my follower, y
ou must turn from your selfish ways, take up your cross daily, and follow me.

in HIM-

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Little Red Tricycle

I adore


this little blond-headed boy

ride his little red tricycles!!

{and push it, too} =)

Giving HIM praise for my sweet boy this afternoon!

in HIM-

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Time Keeps on Speeding By! (With 365.15)

Goodness! I can't believe I've only blogged twice in the whole month of April. I sure am hoping that things slow down enough that I can do better from here on out. I've also failed at my Project 365 --getting a picture every day. So, what is it that has been keeping me from blogging? Here it is.....
Sunday - 4.10.11... We had church, immediately followed by a meeting. Then an afternoon at home before hubs went back for another meeting. No pictures....sorry.

Monday - 4.11.11...On Monday, I finished up some Easter bows for my friends store. And did some grocery shopping.

Tuesday - 4.12.11...I had been working on our annual Brunch With the Bunny for what seems like ever -- but on Tuesday we amped it up a notch.

We spent the morning making palm branches...

Wednesday - pictures this day....worked on the brunch some more. And had church stuff that evening.

Thursday - 4.14.11.... It was time to go pick up the "bunny suit".

Since we had to drive to Asheville to get the suit, Kandi and I took advantage of another great downtown eateries. I had some fantastic Jamaican beans and rice. It was yummy and what was even yummier? The corn bread with fresh corn in it. DIVINE!

Friday - 4.15.11..We spent all day working to get ready for the Brunch.

This is Miss O "helping". =)

Saturday - 4.16.11.... Brunch With the Bunny Day.

The event was pretty successful. There are always things that can be improved upon but all in all a great event.

Check out these pics - which I need to say -- I took none of!

This is my Maggie, our friend Erin, and my Lillie.

These are the BEST college girls I know!

They are also the best Nursery workers --ever. EVER!!!

This is Miss Lillie and her sweet friends, Lily, and Tyler.

Tyler was being handsome. I think he pulled it off like a superhero!

My sweet boy! He enjoyed hunting eggs SO much!!!

And so far this week, I've been catching up -- I've also spent some time out in the yard because the weather has been fantastic! I've also been on a field trip to the Nature Center with Lillie. Great fun!

That's what's been keeping me busy.

What's keeping you busy?

in HIM-