Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Letters - Jan. 30, 2011

Dear Allie,

On Monday afternoon, since it was a snow day, you and I went to run some errands in Asheville. It was a wonderful Mom & Allie date! We shopped some, ate at Olive Garden (your favorite) and talked some. I especially enjoyed our conversation about you listening for God to talk to you. You said God speaks to you in a deep voice. Honey, I believe that He does and I love that you are listening! And I loved getting to spend some time with you all by ourselves! I cherish every moment of it!



Dear Maggie,

I've been talking to all of you kids a lot this week about "how we listen". The answer to that is "right away, all the way and with a happy heart." After a particularly rough week, Thursday evening, you came into the kitchen and said "Mom, I have a song to sing to you." I assumed you would sing something you learned in school. Instead, you began to sing a song you made up......It went something like this.....(not exact, but pretty close)

"I know what the bible says. Listen right away, all the way and with a happy heart. SO, I'm sorry Mom and I am going to try to listen to you and do what you say......and it went on from there.

It really was one of the sweetest things I've ever heard. Because, it said to me that you had been thinking about the conversations we had been having all week.



Dear Lillie,

You told me that on Thursday you got your "magic number" under the bee 8 times at school that day. I asked what, exactly, that meant. You said that it meant you were caught doing something good. I asked what you had done and you said you couldn't remember all of them but that twice it was for being a good friend to your classmates. I love that, Lillie! What a wonderful thing that you are being so kind and loving to your classmates!!! YOU ARE SUCH A SWEETIE!(now can you be that kind to your sisters and brother?)


Dear Brady,

This week as you were leaving school one day, you literally stopped and went back to give Olivia a kiss goodbye. According to your teachers, you two kiss and hug on one another every day. Miss Kandi and I have discussed this and while it is fine for now (it's really cute and super sweet) about 10 years, we aren't going to be quite as happy about it. I just have to laugh though, because on Friday, when I asked what you did at school, you said "O-li-ia hit me." out for those girls, son! They are a finicky sort! ;)


Dear Ken,

It's been a rough week, hasn't it? Parenting issues have run rampant and life's just been busy. Here's hoping for a better week this week.....(and maybe a date?)

love you!!!!


Saturday, January 29, 2011


A picture a day for a year.....week #4.

1.23.11 - Sunday was Maggie's last Pinkalicious Show.

Papa and NaNa surprised the kids and drove over for the show.

We saw the show and then had supper before they had to head off again.

1.24.11 - Monday......was a "snow day"

due to the dusting of snow we got overnight on Sunday.

We took a walk to drop Maggie off at a friends house for a

playdate. I got this shot not far from our house.

I love it!

1.25.11 - On Tuesday, I started the day at a doctor appointment with B.

And then he and I ran errands until lunch time.

It was very chilly and I just couldn't get warm.

So, I fixed myself some black chai tea.

1.26.11 - On Wednesday, it snowed. And school was closed early.
But, the snow didn't stick.
The kids and I had to run an errand to a nearby town.
I took this picture there.
Beautiful, isn't it?
I think it shows how cold and blustery it was that day.

1.27.11 - On Thursday I spent most of the day making
Valentine's Bows.

1.28.11 - Last night (Friday) was Pizza Night at our house.
Lillie and I picked up a surprise for dessert while we were running
errands during the afternoon. CUPCAKES!
This is Miss Lillie with frosting on her lips.
I just loved this picture of her!

1.29.11 - This morning (Saturday), my friend, Kandi, asked us to come to the park.
Since Lillie had a playdate planned and hubs was taking Allie and Maggie
to a basketball game, Brady and I went to the park.
We got there and some of our other friends were there.
This is where we spent a lot of time.
Sliding. I love this picture of the three of them --
all sliding at once.
This is our friend Jasper, Brady and Miss Olivia!

That was our week!
What did you do this week?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Q & A - 2011

For the last couple of year, I have had a question and answer session with my kids. I cannot tell you how much this has meant to me! Going back and reading their answers from the previous years and seeing what has changed and what has stayed the same. If you are interested, you can read those here and here. It also can sometimes tell me things about my kids. This year has done that. I've learned some things about my girls. So here it is.....our 2011 Q & A!!! (my comments are in grey below)

Allie - Age 9/ Third Grade

What's your......

1. favorite color? blue

2. favorite restaurant? Olive Garden

3. favorite thing to do? Go on girl's night out (she means Mom and Allie nights out)

4. favorite book? Charlotte's Web

5. favorite song? Mary Had A Little Lamb (think we need to introduce more music to her!)

6. favorite person? really? why? ----God

7. favorite food? pizza

8. favorite animal? tiger

9. favorite thing about school? Earned Reward (this is extra playgroud time that is given as a reward)

10. favorite thing about God? He gave us stuff ( I asked what she meant. she said trees, and the world?

11. Who are your friends? Sarah, Mason, Kenzie and Sally

12. What are you good at? I don't know (think we need to work on self-esteem building!)

13. What are you afraid of? bad dreams

14. What do you want to be when you grow up and why? A veterinarian or a scientist that discovers new animals because I want to discover about parrots.

15. How do you show your family that you love them? make them things

16. What are you thankful for? the world

What do you like best about......

17. Daddy? nice

18. Mom? nice

19. Maggie? - nice

20. Lillie? - nice

21. Brady ?- he's my brother

22. Yourself? - me

23. What do you want to do better this year? listen

Maggie - 7 years old/ 2nd Grade

What is your.....

1. favorite color? gold (it changes daily)

2. favorite restaurant? Ryan's (YUCK!)

3. favorite thing to do? ride my bike

4. favorite book? mystery books

5. favorite song? songs I make up

6. favorite person? Jesus Christ & God

7. favorite food? steak

8. favorite animal? panda bear

9. favorite thing about school? learning

10. favorite thing about God? He loves us

11. Who are your friends? Natalie, Ella H., Ella J, Whitney, Samantha and Katherine

12. What are you good at? riding my bike

13. What are you afraid of? bad animals

14. How do you show your family that you love them? listening and being nice

15. What do you want to be when you grow up and why? A teacher because I like explaining things and learning.

16. What are you thankful for? Jesus Christ

What do you like best about.....

17. Daddy? He's fun

18. Mom? Your loving

19. Allie -She's nice and she sleeps with me

20. Lillie - We share a room

21. Brady - He plays with me

22. Yourself? I can do a lot of things

23. What do you want to do better this year? listen and be nice

Lillie - Age 6/Kindergarten

What is your.....

1. favorite color? green

2. favorite restaurant? Ryan's (Again - Yuck!)

3. favorite thing to do? be with you (Me!)

4. favorite book? Eloise

5. favorite song? Bless-it Be The Name (That is...."Blessed Be The Name of the Lord)

6. favorite person? Mama

7.favorite food? ice cream

8. favorite animal? horse

9. favorite thing about school? running around on the blacktop

10. favorite thing about God? He made the world

11. Who are your friends? Macy, Addison, Alannah

12. What are you good at? Reading

13. What are you afraid of? the dark

14. What do you want to be when you grow up and why? A dancer because I like to dance.

15. How do you show your family you love them? Give them hugs and kisses.

16. What are you thankful for? my family

What do you like best about....

17. Daddy? He's fun

18. Mom? You love me

19. Allie ?she plays with me

20. Maggie?- she helps me clean my room

21. Brady?- to play with him

22. Yourself? That I do things right

23. What do you want to do better this year? Clean my room

Brady - 2 years - 5 months old

I tried to ask Brady the questions. We got as far as #1. SO, I will answer some of them that I know the answers to!

What is your......

favorite color?

favorite thing to do? snatch food from the pantry without getting caught, play with trains, watch Calliou

favorite book? Boo, Baa, LA, LA, LA and....The Monster At The End of This Book

favorite song?"Up above my head"

favorite Person? Daddy

favorite animal? monkey

Who are your friends? Your favorite friend is Olivia.....but you also like to play with Jasper and Andy when they are in the Nursery.

What are you good at? taking things apart, making HUGE messes, sneaking to get food from the pantry

That's it for this year! Going to look back at the last two years now!!!!

In HIM -

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Maggie has taken a Musical Theater class for the past two years at our local dance studio (the best studio in the entire! world!). Last year their class did 101 Dalmatians and this year they did Pinkalicious - The Musical! The kids did a fantastic job! Did I mention that this class is made up of
kids ages 5 -10? They were fantastic!
Without further ado, here are some snapshots of
Pinkalicious - The Musical!!!
The Monogram on Pinkaliciouses bed!

The Whole Cast!

My Maggie -striking a pose at the end of the first number.

This was my favorite shot that I got
of Pinkalicious.

Maggie was Nurse Faith.
Doesn't she look adorable in her nurse costume?

I took all these pictures at the Dress Rehearsal.
This is Maggie and our friend, Polly, sitting on the Pinkalcious bed.

Pinkalicious was SUCH a cute show. Mrs. Valerie, their musical theater teacher (and studio owner) does amazing things with these little people! I'm so grateful that my girls get to be part of her studio. And we all love Mrs. Val!
Can't wait to see what's next!
in HIM-

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lille's Family Party ~ 1.22.11

It was a big weekend in our house! On Saturday afternoon, we celebrated Lillie's 6th birthday with two sets of grandparents and Lillie's friend, Lily. When we went to order her cake, she wanted a Tangled cake but they were out of that one so her next choice was Strawberry Shortcake. Pretty cute, huh? I love this picture. We were singing happy birthday to her.
Everyone is smiling. SO SWEET!

Blowing out the candles!
Then it was time to open presents .
We gave her slippers to go with the new nightgown
that grammy got for her! It was an American Girl Gown
that matches her doll's (Elizabeth) gown. And an outfit
from Gymboree.
She also got a gift card to Justice (she's so excited!)

She got this adorable headband from her friend Lily.
Along with the cutest reversibe dress! One side has owls on it
and the other has giraffes ( is giraffes plural for giraffe or is it just giraffe?)
SO CUTE. AND she gave her a precious
little felt owl clip for her hair!

Here is Lillie modeling her new gown!
Her sweet friend, Lily, stayed with us all evening!
We went to get Pizza and then on to see Pinkalicious!
They look so grown up in this picture to me!!!
It was a great family party for Lillie. She had a wonderful day with her family and Lily!!!
Thanks to all who made it so special!
in HIM-

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

12:21 AM

It's 12:21 AM and I need to be in bed, but first I wanted to tell you about our day.

It's been a very interesting Monday. Starting with a phone call at 6:00AM saying that school was on a 2 hour delay. That's great - I thought! I can do a two hour delay......THEN the second phone call came telling us that school was indeed canceled.....cancelled for a dusting of snow and icy roads that were clear by 10AM.

There was wailing with weeping and gnashing of teeth when the girls were asked to clean their rooms....but luckily they got it done!!!
After lunch, Maggie was invited to her friend Whitney's house. Whitney lives just up the street from us, so after Brady's nap, we walked Maggie over.
This is a stairway up the street. It's covered with Ivy.
I think it's beautiful!
bark......just a bit of artistic licence....;)

Lillie walking on a wall when we were almost back home.

Once we were back home, Brady insisted on staying outside.
Since we had a heatwave today, and it was 48 degrees,
we did just that.
He was "shobeling" and threw leaves on his head.
Can you see them?

There is a tear on his right cheek. He was upset that his sisters were
driving his gator. Even though he is scared of it and is afraid to get in it.

After that, I needed to run some errands so I took this sweet girl with me
and we had Allie and Mom time!

We ran LOTS of errands, ate supper at The Olive Garden (Allie's choice)
and did some shopping. Allie got a doll and some sweet things for her siblings
(she is incredibly thoughtful in that way).
I got these!
I got a great deal on them and
I LOVE them so much!!!!

It's 12:42 AM and I MUST go to bed now!!!! I had to tell you about our great day first!!
What did you do on Monday?
in HIM--