Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What Child Is This

Tonight was our Children's Christmas Program at Church.
The play was called "What Child Was This".
They went for a more modern take on costumes. =)

Lillie and Allie were shepherds....

Maggie was Mary....

A group shot after a job well done!!!
This was our silly face shot!

The whole cast.....

 Mrs. Courtney brought everyone a goody bag for working so hard.
But, Mrs. Courtney and Mrs. Valerie are the ones who really deserve a reward.
They worked HARD with these kids!! They did an amazing job and we love them!!!

My three stars.....

My girls and their friends, Samantha and Whitney.

And this is what little brothers do after the show.....

Play a game of ring around the roses with his buddy, Jasper.

Lastly, Lillie and her sweet friend, Polly.  

It really was a fantastic play.  
The kids were so cute sharing the Christmas story.

One funny story, the little girl who was sitting next to me was so funny during the performance.
She had never been to a play so before it began, she kept saying "I'm so excited!"
Then every time someone said anything about "the baby" she would yell "Jesus!"
She was precious.

It was a great evening!!!

PS -- sorry for the bad quality pictures....I cannot wait to get my camera back!!! Soon, I hope.

in HIM-

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Wendy said...

Love Christmas plays. Modern day costumes are probably less stressful than Biblical times costumes. We've been working on our play. Can't believe it's almost time for it.