Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like......{in lieu of 365.48 / 365.49}

Christmas, of course!!!

Well, I guess since I have fallen off the Project 365 bandwagon.......I haven't taken many pictures in the past two weeks.  At least not a picture a day and the ones I did take, you can see here and here and here. SO, instead of my usual 365 Saturday post, I'm sharing our very Christmas'y' day.....
We got up this morning and went to a local restaurant that serves fantastic breakfast.  My kids were super excited about it.  They love to eat there!!!
Then we headed on up the mountain to get out Christmas Tree.
I love living so close to the Christmas Tree Farms.  It's awesome.
We walked all around.

 and finally found our tree!

 We drove back home and hubs got it in the stand.

 While he did that, I helped the kids get ready to go see Santa 
for the annual picture.  I think we managed to get one with all four of them smiling.  
That is a good thing!
We came home to change clothes and then walked downtown for the Christmas Parade.

The Parade was amazing this year.  
Some great floats and some very creative ideas.
There were a lot of these birds.....
as in  "here to stay is a new bird.  He sings a love song, as he goes a long. 
Walking in a Winter Wonderland"

 And there were roller derby girls........
This picture was taken especially for my awesome  Roller derby loving friends -
 Cassie, Jenny and Emily.
 A lot of my girls friends danced their way down the parade route with our
 awesome dance company.  

 The beautiful Ms. Bonnie!!!


This was one of the best and most creative floats.
The Kung Fu place in town did a whole Kung Fu Panda thing.
It was great!

Then there were these guys. 

And I just love this picture.....

This is another of my favorite floats.
I like the balloon angel.

 Brady loved the Monster Truck.
 A couple of our great youth from church are cheerleaders and we were excited to wave at them in the parade.
Miss Carlee.....

Miss Rachel.....

 And WCU's mascot --- Santa Paws!  
 This is our friend, Drew.  
He is the band director in our town.  
He had two bands in the parade and had to run from the front of the parade back to walk with the other band.  
That is dedication!  

And lastly, there was the big guy himself!!!
Yeay, Santa.

After that amazing parade, we came home to decorate the Christmas Tree.

It is truly beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.
Now, if I can just get all the shopping done......

in HIM-

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