Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

Christmas Day was wonderful 
The kids woke up at about 6AM.  
Here are a few of my favorite pics of the day....
and some memories of the day.

Allie had asked for Molly's (her American Girl Doll) bed, a Magic 8 Ball, and a surprise.
Her surprise was a Nook.  She was super excited! She has hardly put it down since.

This little boy was so funny.  
The few weeks before Christmas, he told me everyday that he was getting something different for Christmas......other than what he has originally told Santa he wanted.
Originally, he asked for Rockenbok.  Then in the days to follow, it was a skateboard,  a rocket, and a turtle, among other things.  
He was so excited to see Rockenbok under the tree for him.  He also got a big John Deere Tractor and a Hot Wheels Car Keeper with several cars inside.

Miss Maggie asked for Marie-Claire (AG doll),an MP3 Player and a surprise
Her surprise was a Squinkies game for her DSI..

Lillie asked for a 3DS, a pink camera and a surprise.
Santa brought the 3DS, boots with a heel {which she said she wanted earlier}, and Bitty Baby Clothes.  Nana got the camera and she received that later in the day. Actually, Nana got all three girls Vtech cameras.  Lillie's is pink.  The other two are orange.

 This was my gift. 
I was so excited about it but bummed that camera wasn't back from the camera shop yet. {IT finally arrived this afternoon -- squeal!!!}

Nana and Grandpap {Ken's Mom and Stepdad} came to have lunch and spend the afternoon with us.  
As I said before, they got the girls cameras.
These are pretty cool cameras....they take pictures, video and have games on them.  
They gave Brady another piece of Rockenbok.

We gave Hubs a sweater, a Polertec shirt, and a gift card to go be fitted for and buy a new driver club.  He is super excited about that!

It really was a great day!

in HIM-

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