Monday, November 14, 2011


*I woke to freshly made Pumpkin Spice coffee by Dunkin Doughnuts.  My sweet hubby makes my coffee for me everyday.  I love that he does that for me!!!  It is so good and so perfect for these cold fall mornings we are having.  I notice that they have two other seasonal flavors.  I will be trying to find those, too.

*I went to school and volunteered in Lillie's class.  We began making some turkey artwork. Today we painted the body using potatoes as stamps.  The kids loved that.  Lillie was the leader of the day.  The leader of the day gets to write  a "Leader Sentence" on the white board that they will share with the class.  Lillie's sentence was about how she got to go see Peter Pan last Thursday with just her family.  I knew  it was a great surprise!

*I left school and went to church to help with Operation Christmas Child.  We are a collection center and will be collecting all the shoeboxes from our county.  So, glad to be a part of this!!! Does your church do shoeboxes? If not, you can totally do them all by yourself and impact the lives of children around the world.  A lady who came in today and dropped off boxes that she and her family made, said that about five years ago, they got a letter back from the family who received their box.  GUESS where it came from.  Madagascar!!!  Madagascar, y'all!!! Incredible! I hope we get a letter like that!!!

* After our time was up at church for the day, Brady and I made a marathon trip to get groceries. We hit two store in one hour. Yes, we were running.  Almost.  

*Made a dash to the school to pick up the girls and headed home.

*I then got to go for a walk with my friend Courtney.  Great exercise and time out in my crazy day.

*Then we headed back to church for a meeting.  Once that meeting was over, hubs had a second meeting. So, the kids and I did the drive through at Zaxby's for supper.  Then it was bath time and bed time for all of my little people.

*I've done some laundry. Though, admittedly not enough. I will be in laundry overload tomorrow....

*I'm now watching The Sing-Off.  If you are a music lover,  and haven't yet, you MUST check out this show.  It is AH. MAZ .ING!!!! I love it.  Also, I've decided that the Pentatonix are my fav.  I hope they win.  Check out this video. 

*And, now that I know that my favorite group lives to see another week in The Sing-Off, I'm off to do my Believing God Bible Study before doing a bit of reading and heading off to bed.

It's been an ultra busy day to start out what looks like an ultra busy week in an ultra busy season in our ultra busy lives.  I enjoyed every minute of it, though.  And, hope  I can continue to enjoy the small moments in these ultra busy day.

Hope you do, too!

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carissa at lowercase letters said...

yes to pentatonix!!!! they have to win. they are so amazing and genius and incredible. i want to buy their cd one day.

just packed up our shoeboxes last night. it's one of our favorite christmas traditions! i love getting to teach the kids about it and how we share Jesus.