Monday, November 21, 2011

Miscellany Monday

1.  I had an incredible weekend!  On Friday, I got to have Girls Night Out.  It was awesome.
On Saturday, I collected shoe boxes and then ran to the grocery store, and made pizza for supper.  Then it was time to get ready for Sunday.  On Sunday, a couple of friends and I drove over the river and through the woods {of the mountains} to visit our friends!  It was great time.  So blessed to have all 4 of the people in this picture in my life!!!!!
 2.  I've decided Monday's are the busiest of all days!!! 
Today, I.....
volunteered in Lillie's First Grade Class.
Collected some shoe boxes.
Went to lunch with these two and my friend, Kandi.  
These two were soooooo excited to be going to lunch together.
Though, I'm not sure the rest of the restaurant were as exited as they were.....
 After lunch, Brady and I ran to get the girls and headed to the the dentist. Yes, you read that right. I took all  four of them to the dentist at once.  It was Brady's first time to actually get his teeth cleaned.  He was so funny.  He covered his eyes every time she squirted water in his mouth. So funny.
 Then I came home and finished up supper.
All these folks plus me, and two more ate at our house.
I really enjoyed having them all here.
Even, though, as you can see....
it. was. chaos. =)

3. I am desperately trying to finish reading this book.  I'm not really enjoying it, too much.  
Having a hard time getting through it.....

4. I need some new blue jeans.  
I hate buying blue jeans.  I have had 4 children.  I cannot wear teeny bopper jeans. I do not want high waisted granny jeans.....any suggestions?

5.  I am watching The Sing Off again. I love this show.  Everything about it.
I'm wondering where they get that super sparkly, glittery eyeshadow.
And, I'm wondering if I'm too old to pull it off......
oh, and GO PENTATONIX!!!!

6. I'm linking up here....

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Now, if you'll excuse me -- I'm off to go read my book. ahem.

in HIM-

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