Saturday, November 26, 2011


11.21.11 - Sunday....We took a trip to see my sweet friends. Great day!

11.22.11 - Monday....volunteering at school, work at church, kids to dentist.
This is my favorite picture of the day.  Brady ready for his first ever cleaning....

11.23.11 -Tuesday.....We had planned to leave for Georgia on Tuesday afternoon but things happened and we didn't get to leave. So, we went to supper at a local place.  The kids love this place because we can sit in a booth and they can watch tv.  Hubs and I love it because we can sit in a booth and keep them contained. =).....

11.23.11 - Wednesday....We finally drove to Georgia.  We hung out at my Mom's for a while and then went to supper with my dad.  My Dad had gotten Brady a new jacket for a really great price.  He loves it!

11.24.11 -Thursday....Thanksgiving was a great day.  We went to lunch at my Grandparents House.  
Then we came back to my Mom's for the evening.  My sister was unable to attend Allie's birthday party back in October so she brought Miss Allie her birthday present.  Lots of goodies from Bath and Body Works.  Allie loves it.  

11.25.11 - Friday.....Black Friday shopping was done for a bit, but we didn't leave until around 9 AM and came back at 2PM.  Then we went to  a Thanksgiving Gathering for my Dad's Family.  These cousins had a great time with each other.....I really wish they could visit and play together more often!!!

11.26.11 - Satuday....Today we drove home.  This picture was taken by Allie before my camera batteries went dead.  This is my Step Sister, Lauren.  She is expecting a baby boy in early February.  Sister and I are working hard on  baby shower for her.  We can't wait for the shower and we are even more excited about meeting this sweet baby boy!!

That's what we did this week!
What have you been up to?

in HIM --

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Wendy said...

Just out of curiosity...did you take your kids shopping with you on Black Friday? A few of us went Thursday night. It was crazy. I don't like getting in the bed in the middle of the night. :/