Saturday, November 5, 2011


Another week of Project 365. Most of these were taken with my Nikon.  But not I'm sure you can tell. I will be so glad to get my camera fixed but I'm dreading sending it off for 2 weeks plus...... oh, well....Here is our week....

10.30.11 - Sunday.... On Sunday we had out Trunk or Treat.
It was amazing!  One of the most favorite things was the hayride.

10.31.11 - Monday.... Sadly, I have no pictures from this day.  I volunteered at school, then came for for a bit and did some laundry, then headed to the hospital in Asheville to be with one of my mothers- in-law as she had back surgery.  I didn't take pictures at the hospital and hubs didn't take any at home.  Due to the fact that the kids had gotten PLENTY of candy at our towns  Treat Street the previous Saturday, and our Trunk or Treat on Sunday, they didn't  go Trick or  Treating. Instead, they stayed home, dressed in their costumes {for the 5th time} and handed out candy to those trick or treating at our house. =)

11.1.11 - Tuesday... Brady and I did the grocery shopping, which as you probably know takes a lot longer with a three year old "helping".  It was such a busy day of running errands that we decided to eat out that night. The rest of the family had Taco Bell, but I had sushi. They wanted Taco Bell; imagine that!

 11.2.11 -Wednesday.... I snapped this picture Wednesday afternoon before heading out to church. Brady had asked for an apple.  He took it and sat at the foot of the stairs and ate there.
So cute.

11.3.11 -Thursday....It turned into a rainy,messy afternoon on Thursday.  I was supposed to go  walking with a friend but since it was nasty out, I took Maggie to get  a surprise.  She has been asking for a feather for a month  {or two} now.  She loves it!

11.4.11 - Friday.... This was a really nice day. Hubs and I had a breakfast date.  Then I went to a friends house to do our Believing God Study , and she fixed us lunch. It was yummy, thanks - Courtney!  Then after everyone got home from school, I took Miss Allie to the local bookstore to use the gift card she got for her birthday. She bought 2 American Girl Mysteries and Mathilda.  I think I will be reading Mathilda, myself.

11.5.11 -Saturday.... This morning, we had our Operation Christmas Child Packing Party at church.  We packed well over 100 boxes {YEAY!}, then had a little downtime where I learned to make storyboards such as the one below.  I LOVE IT!  Then our friends, Jenny and Cassie invited us to go to the WCU game with them.  We had a blast! Thanks for taking us, girls!!!

That's what we've been doing!
What have you been up to?

in HIM,

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