Wednesday, October 26, 2011

On Jesus and Sharp Things.....

For rememberance sake - A conversation at bedtime with my sweet boy......

Last night, Brady and I were finishing up our "regular" bedtime routine.  We had read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and a story out of the Children's bible story book.  Last nights story was on The Spies who went in to Jericho.  

I had just finished reading when Brady said, "Wheyah is my haweet?"  

I pointed to his chest - pointing to where his heart is.  

He said, "Je-sus (emphasis on the 'sus') and Gawhud (God) live in my haweet"

I smiled and nodded.

He said, " Je-sus and Gawhud awah in my hawett and teeph awah in my mouph and my teeph are shaweep"

I chuckled and grinned and asked: "Jesus and God are in your heart and your teeth are sharp in your mouth"?

"Yep! ", he replied.  Completely confident of all that he had said.

I love how his little mind works!!

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in HIM-

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