Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Allie's Costume Party

On October 20, 2011 my Allie turned 10 years old....and the next night we had a costume party in our yard to celebrate.  She dressed as Laura Ingalls.

I had so much fun planning this party and getting ready for it. Actually, I had TONS of help and wouldn't have been able to do it without any of you! 

A carved "Welcome" pumpkin greeted everyone as they arrived.

We used loads of pumpkins in the decorations.  Some were glittered and others were carved.  
We used owls, cats, and candy corns.....
The table for tablecloth with purple tulle overlay. The pumpkin in the center has the word "gifts" carved into it.

A candy corn banner with the words "Happy 10th Birthday, Allie!" hung from the fence.
The food tables were also covered with black tablecloths.
Since Allie loves candy corns, a lot of our decor was candy corn themed.  

We put adorable owl, ghost, pumpkin and cat stickers on the cups. We served "Purple Potion", " Oozing Orange Owl Juice", and "Whomping Willow Water" to drink.
 Even the cupcakes were made to look like candy corns....
Since the party was held outside in our front yard, the time was to be from 5:30 - 7:30 so it wouldn't be too dark on us.
So, we served pizza for supper along with these apples.  
I used some great mini Halloween cookie cutters to cut the shapes out of the middle. 

 We made our own version of "Monster Mash" and served it in homemade popcorn boxes.

I made signs for the tables to label all the food items, and made cupcake wrappers for the cupcakes.  

These two pictures are of my front door and steps.
I love how the pumpkin topiaries turned out as well as the glittered pumpkins.....And I adore the little white owl, too!!!!    

We hung various homemade pompoms in the trees.....

As well as a couple of these adorable lanterns with owls on them!!!

The goody bags were filled with candy, vampire teeth (something Allie insisted on), Halloween rubber duckies, halloween silly bands, spider rings and candy....

During the party, our sweet friend Cassie led an awesome game of Blind Man's Bluff....

We had many costumed kids and adults.  
We even had two princesses --- Cinderella and the Snow Princess.

It was pretty chilly out , so we lit the firepits and the kids sat around them as they ate.
Then, we roasted marshmallows.
 The near by university was having a homecoming parade literally a block away from my house, so we walked down and took it all in.  Our crowd of costumed kids were the best cheerers of all!  
 Our three smallest guests!  

Part of the group as we began toward the parade.

We came back and opened gifts and by then it was time to go home.
Allie had a wonderful evening surrounded by family and friends.
I think that a great time was had by all!

in HIM-


Amber said...

Wow!! The decor was beautiful and the party sounds likes so much Fun.

Ginger said...

You did a great job Mindy!!! Wish we could have been there!