Saturday, October 29, 2011

365.43 and Treat Street

I am really missing my lens and my camera.  I do think the camera is messed up.  Whenever it is focusing I can feel a motor running inside the camera that I've never felt before, so I think something is wrong inside.  Since, I don't have my "regular" lens, ,most of these pics are taken with my phone.  Definitely not good quality, but still getting one picture a here goes.

10.23.11 - Sunday..... A "normal" Sunday around here. Church until noon, lunch out as a family, home for a bit, then back to church for meetings and bible study.  Didn't take any pictures that day.  

10.24.11 - Monday.... On Monday, I did go  to volunteer at the girls school and did laundry and picked up kids and did homework and got kids to dance.  Typical Monday.  But, after all of that - my friend and I went to a nearby town to get groceries.  While there I found this big cookie.  Yep, that's gizmo.
 Blast from the past.  
Makes me want to go watch the movie.  

10.25.11 - Tuesday....  Another typical Tuesday.  It was a super nice day outside so when the kids got home from school, we did homework outside.
This is one of the pictures that I took of my yard.
I love how it turned out.

10.26.11 - Wednesday....On Wednesday, I again volunteered at the girls school, then went to lunch with some sweet friends, home for a bit, then went to pick up the girls at school.  On the way out, I snapped this with my phone. A picture of some of the pumpkins in my yard. I love them.  

10.27.11 - Thursday.... My Thursday was full of friends,mentoring and good food.  I went to Asheville to meet my mentor and ate a great lunch at the Tupelo Honey Cafe.  I came home and made supper for the family and then went out for dessert with another sweet friend.
This is a picture of my Apple Pie Crepe that I ate that night.
It was delish!

10.28.11 - Friday....The girls had a Halloween Party to attend on Friday evening, so this week boy helped me make pizza's for his dad, me and himself.  We then ate our pizza and watched "The Lion King" together.  It was sweet time.
Then I got to go to the college campus and watch Harry Potter 7.2 with some of my young friends.  Great evening all the way around!
I did learn one thing, though, attending a movie on a college campus.
College kids laugh at things that aren't really funny......

10.29.11 - Saturday....Today's been busy, busy! Lillie attended a birthday party and then it was our town's annual Treat Street.  
The kids love to go so  this afternoon, we headed out in costume to go Trick or Treating Downtown.

Here is Miss Maggie. She is being a "Chinese Girl" for Halloween.
Tomorrow for our Trunk or Treat, we will spray her hair black.

Allie is being Laura Ingalls for Halloween.  I love this picture.
Do you see her lunch pail at the bottom of the picture?

Lillie is Minnie Mouse.  She looks adorable in red dots and ears. =)

Brady is Spiderman.  
He's a pretty cute one, I think!

Downtown, we went from store to store trick or treating.
The coffee shop downtown was handing out hot chocolate instead of candy.

At one shop downtown, they had made some sidewalk drawings.
I loved them.

The family walking down the street.....

We ran into Maggie's friend, Whitney.  
She was a "Grand Supreme" winner. I accidentally cut  her tiara our of the picture. oops.  

Trading and checking out our bounty.....

I tried hard to get a good group shot. But Brady was not being very cooperative by this point.
He was "hungry". Which was code for "I wanna eat all my candy now".
{which he didn't get to do. He did get to eat a couple of pieces, though}

Tomorrow, is our churches' annual Trunk or Treat.  
Loads of work and fun to be had!
See you then!!!

in HIM-

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