Monday, October 10, 2011


First, let me just ask you.
Do you realize that according to my count there are only 12 more weeks in this year?  
That means Christmas is literally around the corner.  

Anyways, back to this.
Here's what we've been up to this week.

10.2.11 - Sunday.... Sunday, was church and then out to lunch.
I love this picture of Brady and hubs looking at the fish at the restaurant we went to.
And then it was back to church.  As always.  =)

10.3.11 - Monday.... Monday's are filled with volunteering at school in two classes, laundry, and catching up from the weekends usually.
Not to mention a meeting here and there.
This is my friend, Courtney. She's our awesome Children's Director at our church and I was meeting with her about Trunk or Treat.
Don't let that smile fool you.
Underneath it all she is worried about us having enough people to help pull off  Trunk or Treat.
{hint hint!}

10.4.11 - Tuesday... This past week I took on the chore of switching out the summer/winter clothes.  Mr. B helped me.
At one point Tuesday morning, I opened the door and our kitten, Tigerlily, ran inside.
This is B and Tigerlily.....who has now disappeared. 
We are all so sad about that!

 10.5.11 -Wednesday.... Wednesday morning, I volunteered in a third classroom, had lunch with a friend, picked up the girls from school and headed to church to cook with my Sunday School Class for our Wednesday Night Gathering Meals.  Our Wednesday Night's seem to be struggling. But, I'm believing God that He has a plan.
I'm curious! If you do Wednesday Night stuff at your church, what is it? And it is well attended?

10.6.11 - Thursday.... On Thursday, Brady went over and spent some time with his buddy, Miss O. Our awesome friend, Cassie babysat for them while O's Mom and I were at an appointment for the afternoon.  This is Miss O blowing bubbles when we returned.

10.7.11 - Friday.... On Friday, I picked up the kids early from school and headed to my hometown to the Festival.  This was the awesome sunset at my mom's.
Isn't it beautiful!?!?

10.8.11 - Saturday..... Saturday we attended the festival.  I will post some more pictures from that later in this week, but this is one of the prettiest sights I saw on Saturday.
i just love fall, don't you?!?

That's what we've been up to this week.
What have you been up to?
in HIM-

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