Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day 2011

Today, it has been raining buckets here in the mountains of  NC.  It started sometime last night and is supposed to continue until tomorrow evening, I think.  My new bible study begins on Wednesday night, and I needed to go to Asheville to get our books.  Since tomorrow is supposed to be worse {weatherwise} than today, I decided to skip the housecleaning and go today.  It was Miss Lillie's turn to go with me and have a day out with Mom.  We picked up the bible study books and browsed around Lifeway.....I could literally spend all. day. in that store looking for books to read, checking out music, gifts and cards...not to mention spending a fortune.  However,  since Lillie didn't want to stay all day at Lifeway, we headed on over to the mall to pick up my book club book.  Then Miss Lillie chose our lunch place.  Papa's and Beer.  If you are ever in Asheville, and if you love Mexican, you gotta try this place. YUM -O!!!  We then headed back home with a stop at for groceries.  We had some great conversation just the two of us and I'm ever so thankful for times away like this.  I would do it all over again -- even the driving in the monsoon - which I despise for time like that with my kiddo's. 
Day Out with Lillie

Once we got home, I did some laundry, and then Miss Maggie helped me cook supper.  She put on her apron and donned her "chef's hat" for the occasion.   This is a craft from one of the bible school's that Maggie attended this year.  =)
Chef Maggie
 SO, our Labor Day, though rainy, has been a great day. 
How was yours?

In Him -


Wendy said...

Tad always has to work on Labor Day, but we took the day off. It was nice to have a break. Hope you guys don't get as much rain as we've gotten. sheesh!

Lisa said...

So sweet ... we had a nice, relaxing labor day too!