Friday, September 23, 2011

A Gift

On Thursday morning, this truck pulled up to my house.....

They delivered two beds that looked just like this...
{They even set them up for us}

 A close up look at the beautiful headboard....
 Hubs and I knew the beds were coming but these girls didn't.
I picked them up from school and sent a text to hubs to be ready.
He hid in their room to catch their reaction at seeing their new beds.
The joy shows on their faces....

These two have been sleeping in the beds that were mine and my sister's when we were kids.  And while they've lasted some 35 years....they were showing their wear.  They were at one time canopy beds but those were long since broken off by some unnamed brother. {smile}....They were rickety....and the slats fell off often....
SO,  to get new beds was a wonderful surprise for them.
Not only was it a surprise but it was a blessing....
because these beds are beautiful beds.
And more than anything hubs and I could afford to give them ourselves.
These beds were a gift.
An incredible gift from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.
An incredible, blessed, GIFT of love! 

So, to that special person who offered us this amazing gift,
I say
YOU will never know how thankful and blessed we are and I thank God for you! 

in HIM-

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