Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The 80's Rocked!!!! {And the Party did, too!}

There were 5 of these Mrs. PacMan  banners around the room.
So, back in June, I went with 3 other girls to see NKOTBSB. We had a wonderful time reliving our teenage years.
So much fun in fact that, on the way home, my friend Kandi and I were talking about her birthday. She decided that we had had sooooo much fun at the NKOTBSB concert that an 80's party would be the best birthday party EVERRRR! 
And it TOTALLY WAS!!!!
I got to help plan and decorate for this party and I had SUCH an incredible time.

One side of the centerpiece.
We held the party in the gym at our church.
The centerpieces were made of all things 80's.  Rollerskates, 80's vhs movies, cassette tapes, jelly bracelets, pop rocks, sunglasses, neon balloons and....
The other side of the centerpiece....

And the rest is mostly in pictures with captions because I'm techy illiterate and cannot get this thing to let me type again.
Maybe further down it'll let me -- we shall see.

Full view of centerpieces.

Neon cassette tapes were part of the centerpieces.

The TOTALLY Kandi table. It was filled with all the things that Kandi loved in the 80's. =)
Cool Ranch Dorito's, "3 cent gum" and Smarties, Lucky Charms and Sundrop.  There were of course, pictures of Kandi at the Prom and various other highschool pictures and her scrapbook.

We even had a working Atari set up...which with today's technology was kinda tough....but it was awesome. Can you tell that he's playing Space Invaders!?!?!
We had a photo station set up so we could get pictures of eveyone in their 80's wear.  We put it together with two splatter painted sheets and cut outs of  I heart 80's .
The birthday girl with her cake.  It had neon dots and sqiggles on it.  And we had made some 80's signs to put in it.  Of course, NKOTB is on there!

One of the sweet ladies who was invited was sick and unable to attend.  She had a beautiful {and very 80's} corsage for Kandi.  IT was awesome!
We played a couple of games.  One was an 80's Trivia Game and the winner got.....any guesses?!?! You got it, a Rubix Cube.   Then we played The NewlyWed Game. Except that we have folks who'd been married less than 10 years { we didn't have any real newlyweds available to play}, the birthday girl and her hubby have been married almost 20 years.  Then we had a couple that had been married 30 years and 40 years.  It was great fun!!!! 

The rest of these are just scenes from the party.  Check out the great 80's outfits!
This is Courtney dancing the night away....

And Val....singing us a tune....channeling her inner Cyndi Lauper

Courtney can do The Worm!

Val, Jennifer and Kandi strike a pose!

This was my favorite picture from the whole night.  I just love the looks on both of their faces.
Great shot, Jen and Sam!

Ken wouldn't me put together his costume.  I really wanted him to channel Tom Cruise and do the whole Top Gun jumpsuit but he didn't want to. Mostly because that costume costs like $80...So, he put this together and showed up as the handsomest preppy in the room.
I'd totally forgotten about wearing two polo's so you had the double collars going on.  And that sweater? Awesomeness.

These three weren't even born in the 80's.....but they conquered the look pretty well! =)

And these two?
Val and John's costumes were just too cool for school! 

 I think the party was a huge success.  Everyone seemed to have a great time and the birthday girl really enjoyed it.  That makes it a total success!!
It really was, like, the best party EVEEERRR!!!


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Jennifer said...

Seriously, it should not be legal to have that much fun. AGAIN I say, AGAIN! Best party ever. Period.